Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional
Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional | Foto: Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional

Juan Pablo Barragan

Por: Edward Rueda

19, April, 2022 en Showbiz

Actor, musician and producer

In 2006 he graduated as an acting teacher from the Superior Academy of Bogotá

In acting for the small screen, Barragán has been in numerous productions: Club 10 (2007-2009), La familia cheveroni (2009), El laberinto (2011), Dulce amor (2013) and Las Esmeraldas (2015) of the Caracol Channel. With the RCN Channel he participated in El último matrimonio feliz (2008), Inversiones el ABC (2009), A mano limpia (2011) and A mano limpia 2 (2012). He was in Metastasis (2013) and Lady Tabares (2014) of Teleset, with which he obtained two nominations as best actor at the India Catalina Awards 2015; in El monstruo de los naranjos (2013) by FoxTelecolombia; Dynamo’s irrational web series (2013); It’s not you, it’s me (2013) from Labyrinth; Fugitives (2014) by CMO Producciones, among others.

His foray into the cinema was made with the leading role of El páramo (2011) has been in the feature films La sargento matacho (2015); Crime overlooking the sea (Far from the world, 2012); Long Live the Music (2015); Moria (2016); Two Women and a Cow (2016); and Malcriados (2016). He was also part of the short films Cena maternal de Estudios Babel and Elefante by César Heredia, with which he received the Santa Lucía for Best Actor at the 12 Bogotá Short Film Festival / Bogotá Short Film Festival – BOGOSHORTS.

Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional
Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional

He has worked in more than 15 theater productions with directors such as Jorge Alí Triana, Sandro Romero Rey, Victor Viviescas, Carolina Vivas, José Assad, Víctor Quesada, Mario Escobar, Manolo Orjuela, among others. In 2004, he received a scholarship from the ASAB to study the Technical Clown Workshop of Ricardo Behrens, held at the IX Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá. In 2014, he starred in El Médico a Palos, winner of the Gilberto Álzate Avendaño Foundation’s Best Work of the Year Award. Since 2015, he is part of the company Exilia-2 teatro.

Barragán also advances social projects based on rap as a tool for social transformation, with his group Yoky Barrios.


I play Javier the protagonist’s best friend, a “bacan”, a man who is always willing to collaborate, who solves the problems of others does favors, gives the best advice, in love, but above all a great friend and for him the most important thing you can have is fidelity in a friendship

Of the most beautiful things and best experiences in this production is to find this beautiful patch of actors, people with whom I had already worked, people with whom I had not, but above all to find people who come to camel to work beautiful, without egos, quiet, beautiful, who do not scream, who are always willing with the best energy.

I met RAfael Zea my partner of my theater group LA CONGREGACIÓN TEATRO that was very beautiful for me, to meet PIPE BUENO that I admire him now much more for his discipline and good vibes, to peerless companions like Juanita Molina, LAura Junco, Luis Fuquen, Andres Suarez

I met again with the director CANTILLO, who directed me in THE LAW OF THE HEART. It has been a significant experience to meet with very valuable people in this medium and I continue to reaffirm the friendship and love on set is the most beautiful thing.

Work with PIPE BUENO very bacano, he is a very humble guy, willing to work to listen even though his profession is a musician but I think he is a great actor, he is an artist, he has the discipline and dedication that you have to have in this trade and to fulfill things and DIANA HOYOS is a happy mom, it is a pleasure for me to work with her. we have had a very good time, I am very happy in this production and I continue to bet on projects where there is more love and less divos more love, more cute patch, more understanding, less people screaming, our directors are divine, being calm in tranquility, and that style of TV of before already passed. I LOVE TV and thank God most of the time I have found pleasant people who make this work a joy.

Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional
Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional

A RABON CON CORAZÓN premieres on January 27 in all the theaters of CINE DE COLOMBIA playing Roberto Puentes a musician who is involved in the problems of the group thanks to a neighbor rabon who does many things that harms them.

Roberto is a “camellador” needs to get money to support his wife with a dance academy, so one day he is mariachi, another has a salsa orchestra, he sings with the tuna, in short the musician for everything. this film was shot in Bogotá, facilities of the Caracol channel, also in locations of teusaquillo and chapinero and the protagonists if they traveled were from Bogotá

Anecdotes: something that comes to mind is to meet wonderful friends like Andresito Castañeda, Aniita, la Cossio… all I love you all also when I saw lina almost naked lol is a bad joke but LINA knows that I love her, we patched and laughed a lot with that combo

EL RASTRO is a series of 6 chapters

Directed by Lilia Estela Gomez, one of the most important film directors in the country and in this series I am the protagonist, which fills me with pride, energy and happiness. I am very happy

is the story of a lawyer who out of envy to his partner makes several strides and in the end supplants him out of envy, that will unleash many problems in the story There is still no release date, it is said that in March or April and because I will be telling in my social networks and everywhere for you to see and enjoy.

I am working on the trail with some actors that I admire a lot such as: Carlos Hurtado, Alvaro Rodriguez, Walter Luengas and very prepared people who did the best of jobs.

for me it is an honor to do the main character, I love that they look at what I do through acting and give me spaces to demonstrate from art what I want to do


I have several projects, I like to move in all areas, I finished my university at the ASAB my career as an actor and then I went to Cuba to study acting and directing, I did my specialization in MEISNER technique, Now I hope to start my master’s degree. I think it makes us valid is to continue dreaming and preparing, keep reading, training.

I was also in several theater festivals in Cali, Medellín and Manizales and we are going to the Ibero-American.

The secret is to believe, do and understand that we will find many stones along the way and one has to keep fighting, not stop, so much knocking on the doors any will open, so much sowing, the day of collecting will come. I always go with desire and good vibes.

My first pines in acting were with the puppets, I started in the club 10, re-encauchados, I was also a penguin of Bon Ice and with this I learned many things and I had many friends of that time and in TV I started in the ASAB in the superior academy of arts of Bogotá and in the town of usme when I started doing theater and when I allowed art to enter my life.

I have always said it: art is a tool of transformation they also remind me over there in DMG the series, the last happy marriage but everything was concretized in A MANO LIMPIA There I already began to be recognized those little steps were cute with a firm dream

The RAP in my life has been the soundtrack of all my steps thanks to rap I knew the stage and to the stage I owe what I am, today : a rapper actor there are many artists who inspire me but above all I admire those who continue their struggle and do not forget others the dream I have is to win a GRAMMY with my band Yoky Barrios

Continue doing CINEMA, I have 15 films (14 in Colombia and one international) and I love this

I have received some awards and recognitions and that makes me keep dreaming

I want to open the field in acting, demonstrate the acting quality of Colombians, go far because that is my mission to work in Europe I want to dream, make films in Latin America

Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional
Juan Pablo Barragan Courtesy Talento Nacional


I feel ashamed of this country things like this:

* when the government steals our resources

* when prosecutors said Dylan Cruz went through a police officer’s bullet

* when there is inequality

*when the murdered dead appear and there is no justice


I am working on the 4 Record work with my brother YOKY BARRIOS I am waiting for a new film, a lot of CINEMA also one of my songs will be the soundtrack of another film love is the way, if you do not know anyone chevere in your work, be you the chevere and the chimba we need nice patch.



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