Harry Geithner & Alejandra Silva wedding
Harry Geithner & Alejandra Silva wedding | Foto: Harry Geithner & Alejandra Silva wedding

Harry Geithner & Alejandra Silva Wedding

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Sleb

About the Bride.

Alejandra Silva is an entrepreneur, specializing in Personal Stylist, Image & Etiquette coach from Argentina living in New York few years ago. She’s CEO of Brandmerk when give her knowledge and devices to business, Corporations, Artists, entrepreneur, and general people. She give conferences/presentation and very focus on the women. Alejandra is working together with Harry Geithner on’ Geithnerland ‘creating audiovisual contents, to social media, Television, Tv Series, cinema, theatre. Creating and design the brand identity.

Alejandra Silva
Alejandra Silva the bride

Harry Geithner new proyects on Covid19 times

He’s teaching private acting classes and voice lessons via zoom (30 minutes each class). I’m the CEO of Geithnerland my acting professional School when was given acting workshops since 2019 in New York City. We have the good news for September, launching a Huge Project named “Imagen de Artista “this is like an intensive training to actors, singers, professional artists, tv hostes, rádio sprakers, journalist, YouTubers and more, the goal is elevate the level of professionalism and the talents are ready to go to the high level industry castings to be part of the real entertainment industry protects

We will given a “Mix Classes”vía hybrid format with students doing some course sessions online (Zoom ) and some in person, plus pre recorded classes. The intensive program lasts 6 months , the program include: acting classes, voice lessons, dance classes,singing classes, modeling classes, and personal image. The idea is when the students will be graduated go to be part of the formal talents staff the benefit of this is we will be their managers. The Geithnerland working in two areas like Artists Academy and Talent Agency.

We have approved by Telemundo to create contents and we will send our talent staff to the major castings for both markets (latin and American) we are very busy with those projects working in production set. We have others protects running as well like 3 short films : “Foco Rojo “ “ Para ayer es tarde “ , loneliness (English version ) we’re very busy with those projects working in production set, pre production and post production. Our idea is to March have the students ready for participating in the two plays theatre named: “Don Juan Tenorio Cómico “ and “Se Renta Marido “for show in New York City.

Geithner and Silva wedding
Geithner and Silva wedding

About the wedding

The wedding took place on June 26 2020 at Brookfield Connecticut (12pm). The Ceremony was given by James Sullivan Phd.

The Bridal was wearing 2 wedding gowns ( 1 dress to the ceremony and the other one for the reception) by Fashion Designer Humberto Peñaloza @humbertonyc30. Humberto Peñaloza designs started at $5,000.00 but Alejandra’s Dress was a special design for her with exclusive and delicate handmade details so increased the final cost. Groom outfit by Humberto Peñaloza

Ceremony and Reception Decoration by Karla Reyes from Rb Party Decorations. Alejandra Makeup by Stephanie Zhicay Cardenas from Abbie Steph Hair Studio using Abbie Steph Cosmetics. Hairstyle by Brandmerk Team execute by Alejandro Luchetta @iamalelu. Photographer Ivan Morales @innovationmediany. Wedding cake by Dina Vogel from Vogel Cakes

The reception was at Agora Restaurant with live music by professional pianist and Mediterranean Buffet. The official witnesses for the wedding were Agustin Becerril Nuding from Mexico , Oscar Linares and Jesus Lira. The maid of honor were Nathalie Mendez, Luisana Lira and Alejandra Chaparro. The pages were Alejandra’ s Kids Santino and Donatella.

Silva and Geithner
Silva and Geithner