Renzy Konper
Renzy Konper | Foto: Renzy Konper

Businessman and TV Host Renzy Konper

Por: Edward Rueda

6, February, 2024 en Sleb

We talked with the businessman and TV Host Renzy Konper and he told us about his success in the world of events, fashion and entertainment. With more than 20 years in the world of public relations and communications; This man from Barranquilla reveals to us the keys to continue in the middle, or rather at the top. He studied social communication in his hometown of Barranquilla and later settled in Bogotá looking for his professional dreams in the capital.

He worked as an actor in some productions and little by little he met producers, actors and colleagues, forming a new generation of professionals. He gained a lot of experience as a producer JR in Mauricio Sabogal’s modeling agency for Latino Fashion Week and representing artists with Ingrid Wobst, until he found his great passion, presenting on television, with a great talent for improvisation and eloquence.

During this period he attended important events in Colombia such as Colombiamoda, CaliExposhow, Carnaval de Barranquilla, National Beauty Contest in Cartagena where he strengthened his talent in front of the camera, but that was not all he had in mind. In 2017, he decided to create KSET Producciones, an event, concert and show agency that expanded its scope in the business world, coming to work and connect its relationships with important companies such as the Attorney General’s Office of La Nación, the National Comptroller’s Office of La República. , Editorials Televisa, Miss Universe Colombia since 2020, Nespresso and a long etcetera that make him one of the businessmen with the greatest projection in entertainment issues. In this same period, he becomes the presenter of Miss Universe Colombia on national television, achieving one of his great dreams, the live and direct presentation. “It was a goal that I had since I was a child and that came at the least expected moment, but that I had worked almost all my life to achieve and I enjoyed every second of it.”

He confessed to us with great emotion about his experience. Currently, the 2023 coronation event of Miss Universe Colombia is in production, which is loaded with great challenges and logistics and a great tourism campaign that will be carried out throughout the country, displaying its seal and excellence in everything. what are you doing. #HVTH

What memories do you have of your childhood and youth? My childhood memories are the best, family moments, afternoons with my friends and carnivals – When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? I have always liked helping others and supporting them in their talent, I think that was the beginning of creating a company.

Renzy Konper
Renzy Konper

Did you have someone close or not close to you who influenced you as a professional role model when you were a child/youth? My parents have always been an example to follow, dedicated to their work and family.

Did you develop entrepreneurial behaviors in your youth? (That is, did you take various initiatives in your spare time or in matters related to his training? I was always a leader at school, I liked to stand out in cultural events, interdisciplinary events and other school organizations

Do you consider that the environment (personal, social and family) was favorable to professional activity before creating a company? Well, I didn’t grow up in a family of journalists or businessmen, but they always supported me in studying what I wanted and achieving my goals.

What was your main motivation to create a company? In this case we know that you have a company that is Kset Producciones (Agency specialized in audiovisual products and event production) My greatest motivation is to believe in myself, in my talent, in the talent of my partners and that is why clients hire us and we continue to grow. There is still a lot to achieve and conquer.

Have you managed to maintain a satisfactory balance between work and personal life? Yes, it is the great secret of life. Have a balance between professional and personal. Take great care of mental health, a very important issue these days.

Renzy Konper
Renzy Konper

What personal characteristics of yours do you consider to be especially important for your success? I consider myself a spontaneous person, to believe in the impossible, cheerful and hardworking.

What advice would you give to someone interested in starting a company today? Create it without fear. Get advice and create your own niche.

Speaking a little more about Renzy Konper, the person:

What does he like to do in his spare time? I like to travel, share with my friends, go to the gym and karaoke.

What can’t be missing in your closet? A white shirt is an essential classic.

What music are you passionate about? Salsa, electronic, eighties rock, ballads.

What food do you love to enjoy whenever you can? The patacones, the beans and the soups.

What message do you leave for the readers of PLPG Global Media? Being authentic, believing in yourself and always trusting your intuition never fails.

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