Anthony Jolie 1 million views
Anthony Jolie 1 million views | Foto: Anthony Jolie 1 million views

Anthony Jolie reaches his first million on Youtube

Por: Susana Beltrán

4, February, 2022 en Sleb

After releasing his first single “La Rutina”,the young Anthony Jolie celebrates his first million views on the well-known digital platform YouTube.

“I am very happy to know that so many people have been able to see this first video that we made with a lot of effort and affection” explained Anthony who debuted with this song in the music industry.

The single is a combination of urban pop, reggaeton and a bit of retro. In addition, the artist promises that what he has to offer will be worth listening to and admiring.

The song was composed by Anthony himself and was the one who did the production, recording, mixing and materialization. He is very committed to be able to climb in his career and develop as an artist.

The video that was also directed by Jolie himself featured actress Emma Maggi–Byers, cinematography by Baldwin Angeles and production by Dense Records and 848 Enterprises.

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