Natalia Sanchidrián
Natalia Sanchidrián | Foto: Natalia Sanchidrián

Natalia Sanchidrián

Por: Edward Rueda

27, May, 2022 en Latina Attitude

Natalia Sanchidrián is Spain’s new voice on motivation and self-improvement. She’s been acclaimed by thousands, including mental health, education and communication specialists.

Having lived her life under the yoke of a trauma that gave rise to PTSD, depression, bulimia and ADHD, one day she resolved to take back control of her life, seek help and improve herself.

Natalia Sanchidrián
Natalia Sanchidrián

Although she gave up on school at 16, her desire for self-understanding drew her to learn more, focusing on human psychology and behaviour — attending hundreds of seminars, lectures and courses given by doctors, researchers and renowned experts in the field — and leading her to discover Emotional Freedom. Having found what she was looking for, she studied to become a Coach & EFT Trainer, taking courses in several countries and starting a psychology degree in Spain.

Founder of Flying High & The Company Code, today Natalia is an expert in Emotional Freedom Techniques and helps thousands of people across the globe through her programmes, consultancy services, motivational talks, lectures and events, working with individuals, businesses, foundations, organizations, associations and institutions like Fundación Ana Bella, the Chanel Academy, the Spanish Rugby Federation and its women’s team, ACEPA, Ibercaja, Empresarias Galicia, Mujeres que Marcan, the University of Burgos’s Faculty of Medicine and Madrid’s Hospital La Princesa.

Natalia Sanchidrián
Natalia Sanchidrián

Natalia is also the author of the Flying High trilogy (Flying High, Happy to Be Me and Test of Faith) published by Editorial Planeta, which affirms that Natalia is one of the few authors in Spain to have sold so many copies with just one book to her name.


“You’ve forgotten how GREAT you are and how much STRENGTH you have. I’m here to help you remember.”

She has won several awards such as: AMOR EN ACCIÓN award presented by Foundation Ana Bella for her work in combating abuse of women.

  • Executive Producer and Writer of self-help video ‘VOLANDO ALTO: Si yo puedo, tú puedes’ (FLYING HIGH: If I can, you can too’).
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