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NANCY ALMODOVAR for LATINA ATTITUDE Magazine, The Woman With a Heart of Gold and Properties to Match It

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24, February, 2022 en Latina Attitude

NANCY ALMODOVAR, The Woman With a Heart of Gold and Properties to Match It

As a woman who wears many hats, Nancy Almodovar, CEO of Nan & Properties, is a true powerhouse in the real estate business. From small homes to large luxury real estate properties around the world, there is no price point too little or too large that this Latina boss can’t do.

While no relation to the critically-acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, the female entrepreneur has created a critically-acclaimed empire in her own right. Starting from humble beginnings, Nancy Almodovar never seems to lose her cool or composure in high pressure situations. She is completely calm, centered, and at the top of her game.

Nancy Almodovar was born in Chicago while her family was visiting from Guanajuato, Mexico. Although she lived for a brief period between Chicago and Mexico before ending up in her hometown of Houston, Nancy is overall a Texas native through and through. Her Hispanic upbringing helped fuel and influence much of her success and drive later in life. At the young age of fifteen, Nancy began working at her father’s painting company helping him with invoices, and even having a keen eye on where she could increase his profit margins. A natural-born leader, Nancy Almodovar has always had the skills and saavy to grow any business.

Her career interest in real estate began when her boyfriend at the time, now her husband, was flipping houses, and her father was also buying and investing in properties. The combination of the events became an organic catalyst in her life into the real estate game. Nancy Almodovar faced many barriers starting out as one of the only Latinas in Houston to enter the luxury real estate market. It all took off with a modest start in her home kitchen with her kids running around. Nancy started growing with one agent at a time until her business developed into the worldwide powerhouse we see today. By having one of the first in-house production teams at the time, and her sharp business acuity, Nancy secured her place in real estate. She attended many networking events and drilled constant marketing to get her listings early on. This positioned her and her company at the forefront of innovation and expansion.

When people see success stories, they often fail to see all the hard-work, grit, and failures it took to get there. With ten years of experience, Nancy shared her keen insights into overcoming the struggles of any business. If you have a goal, one must learn to have laser-focus, and turn off all distractions that keep you from achieving your dreams. Ignoring the people around you who might be asking, “Are you sure you want to do this?” and tuning out all negativity are key factors to getting where you want to be in life. These are easy distractions in both your personal and work life which can steer you off course.

As a woman who is an industry leader, not only in Houston but also internationally, Nancy Almodvar knows exactly what it takes to be an effective and influential leader across the board. She says, “Always lead by example. I would never ask my team to do anything I wouldn’t do,” and also, “Communication is key in team-building, in marriage, as a mother, and in all aspects in life.” An important takeaway for any person in a leadership role, either at home or in the workplace.

It is important for women to feel confident, inspired, and truly give themselves a voice. In a generation where things can change so quickly, Nancy Almodovar is a reliable and constant figure in her work. She is a true Latin inspiration and role-model for young women. As a remarkable mother and dynamic business woman, it is simply motivating to watch such an independent woman at play. When asked what advice she would give other female entrepreneurs trying to come up in the business, Nancy says, “Time-management. I live by my schedule. When people ask me for advice I always ask them, ‘Show me your calendar.’ I even make sure to time-block every day for meditation time.” Almodovar knows the importance of being able to set time aside for yourself. As someone who deals with big emotions and high pressure situations during people’s biggest financial investments of their life, Nancy is always present, composed, and available for her clients during this process. “It is important to exercise and practice taking care of yourself. As women, we are often so busy taking care of others, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.” Her rigorous self-discipline is something which sets her apart from many.

In the competitive market of real estate, Nan & Properties has a well-oiled machine. Her team, specifically equipped to handle any task, focuses on delivering high-quality service and results. Nancy mentions how important it is to know everyone’s strong points on your team to make sure they are placed in the right settings where they can thrive as individuals, and grow within the company. Her in-house production team along with her marketing team have given her an edge over the competition. There is nothing that lacks exceptional quality and true professionalism.

Oftentimes, purchasing your first piece of real estate can be a harrowing experience. Nancy says her best piece of advice to new buyers would be, “Hire a professional. Interview the agent that is going to be representing one of the biggest investments of your life. Ask them how long they have been in the business, who their clients are, who their company is, and make sure to check their resumes and references.” Almodovar is a genuine woman with a heart of gold, and a portfolio of properties to match it. Her charitable work through Nan Gives Back, an initiative which she started to help others, is just one of the ways Nancy is constantly looking out for her community. Through COVID and natural disasters, Nan Gives Back has raised funds multiple times for Houston and surrounding areas providing women’s shelters, many families, and even medical centers with hot meals. Nancy never forgets her humble beginnings, and shares her wealth and success with others. Even when traveling, she makes sure to support local businesses. “It is important to support small businesses as they are the ones that help much of our economy thrive.”

While her philanthropic efforts in her community grow, so does her business. Nancy Almodovar is taking on opening a brand new office in a prime location in Houston which will not only have an in-house production team, but also a studio space for content creation, and space for her developers and builders to continue to expand. Nancy has proven you can be everything you want to be with the right amount of self-mastery. As a Latina woman in her thirties, she is already set to sell one of the most expensive pieces of real estate properties in Houston at a record high price point. From the small things to the massive feats in Nancy’s career, we are sure she is an unstoppable force who will continue to keep us in awe for the years to come.

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