Marisela cover for showbiz photo by Gotti
Marisela cover for showbiz photo by Gotti | Foto: Marisela cover for showbiz photo by Gotti

Marisela: Singing With a Purpose

Por: Karen Limón

1, December, 2021 en Latina Attitude

Renowned artist, Marisela emerged into this world singing with the angels. She was not only born to sing but made to be a star. Born in Los Angeles, California, Marisela was musically inclined at an early age of six. “My mom Gina, was the person that created Marisela. She guided me, represented me, and taught me everything I know. My greatest desire was to make my mother proud by becoming what she always wished to be―A FAMOUS SINGER. She took my hand, and together, we opened the doors and walked into this crazy world of music and the entertainment business,” she shares.

Growing up at home with parents that loved music was a great inspiration for Marisela. “My parents hosted parties wherein they would play music all night and sing with their friends. I was very little but they would allow me to stay up with them because my father loved to show off to his friends by making me sing for them. He was so proud of me.” She winks. Although her first language was not Spanish, Marisela grew up listening to Spanish music. She exclusively considers her parents to be her all-time favorite singers and always aimed to see the sparkle in her parents’ eyes each time she sang and performed.

At 14 years old, Marisela packed her bags and traveled to Mexico for the first time. She was a young girl in a foreign land without her mother. “I felt so scared, yet I was excited, young, beautiful, thrilled, and enthusiastic to be able to accomplish this huge success at such a young age.” She beams with pride. “But at the same time, I was homesick and at times would cry because I missed my family back home. Accepting an amazing opportunity came with a price since I grew up too fast and missed out on what a teenager is really about. I didn’t get to go to parties with my friends or dates with the boys, and instead, I had to learn at a young age what discipline, socializing, and responsibility was about,” she adds.

Marisela and her dog Photo by Gotti for Showbiz
Marisela and her dog Photo by Gotti for Showbiz

Adapting to the Mexican culture and language was a priority for Marisela who worked long hours promoting her music on radio and TV. “I called my mom daily and she provided the strength I needed.” But living alone also had its perks since Marisela found the freedom to enjoy a different kind of party with people older than her. “It was an eye-opening experience for a girl from LA to be so popular in Mexico.” She was on top of the world and could do everything she wanted, yet her hard work, dedication, and perseverance paid off since she became the most popular Latin artist in the world.

After her stint in Mexico, Marisela returned to LA with conviction, and to date, has released 60-70 greatest hits songs. From 1984 until today, Marisela and her original band continue to play music with her classic music still in the number one charts. Her cover version of Barbara George’s single “I Know (You Don’t Love Me No More),” named “Ya No” ranked number one in the Billboard Latin Songs chart in 1990. Her love songs elicit powerful sentiments that connect deeply to the heart and soul. Aside from being a legendary and distinguished artist, Marisela has appeared in several Latin American TV shows around the world.

Here’s a compilation of Marisela’s albums derived from her Wikipedia site:

  1. El Marco De Mis Recuerdos
  2. Noches eternas
  3. La otra
  4. Historia de un amor
  5. En vivo Tu Dama de Hierro
  6. Voz y sentimiento
  7. Borrón y cuenta nueva
  8. Adiós amor
  9. Hablemos claro
  10. Marisela
  11. Porque tengo ganas
  12. Completamente tuya
  13. Sin el
  14. Lo básico de Marisela (2010 incluye 4CD´S)
  15. Las Número 1 (CD+DVD)
  16. Tesoros de colección (2007)
  17. Ellas cantan así (2003)
  18. Serie 2000 (2000)
  19. Serie Platino (1996)
  20. 20 éxitos inmortales
  21. 30 grandes éxitos
  22. Personalidad
  23. La mejor intérprete de Marco Antonio Solís
  24. 15 Éxitos Vol. 1
  25. 15 Éxitos Vol. 2
Marisela wearing a red dress for Showbiz Photo by Gotti
Marisela wearing a red dress for Showbiz Photo by Gotti

Without exception, Marisela seeks comfort from music which has constantly hit the spot with her fans. “Music evokes an emotional response which helps you recover from a heartbreak, disappointment or sadness. Music also uplifts your spirits when you’re in love, blissful and excited,” she relays. Marisela goes above and beyond just singing a song. “There’s a difference between being a singer and an artist. While a singer carries a tune, an artist is one who expresses what they’re singing and allows the audience to feel the emotion they wish to convey,” she states.

Marisela’s love songs express intense emotions that support a woman. “Inspiration comes from the heart and emotion I’m feeling at the moment. I write the best songs when I’m emotional, upset, or angry with my man, or when I’m feeling lonely. I also write when I’m joyful or trying to figure something out. I always feel an emotion when I’m singing. I’m not just simply singing the song. I use to have a favorite song or two, but after having sung so many, and making several greatest hits over the years, they all become a favorite, although I choose to sing a song according to my emotions. The songs depend on my current mood and my feelings guide me to write the songs which need to touch the heart,” she conveys.

Marisela exudes passion and energy with music. She is a woman always on fire, yet is also aware that the process from creation to the execution of a song involves a process. “I can write instantly and choose the melody, but recording and arranging of the song take a longer time. I always want to make it better,” she reveals. Marisela believes that every artist is unique. “We are all different in special ways, I’ve never tried to be like anybody else. I have my own style, own voice, and own attitude. I don’t follow or compare myself to other artists. They are all great. I am just lucky to be able to have such a great audience and to presently have millions of fans that belong to a new generation. I am amazed to see young teens and children 6-9 years old listening to my music and singing my songs. Music keeps evolving.”

Marisela photoshoot for Showbiz
Marisela photoshoot for Showbiz

Being on stage and always in the limelight proved to be been challenging for Marisela. As the most popular Latin artist in the world, Marisela had to deal with different types of people involving jealousy, lies, and defiance. “I try to stay away from the pretentious scene and prefer not to be so sociable. Keeping a more private life is always good. Maybe that way when they see me it’s more exciting. There were times when I wished I could have spent more time with my daughter, but with my career in full swing, it was difficult to find that balance. My daughter understands me more now since she’s also in the music industry,” she divulges. “She understands how emotionally difficult it could get at times to just be the artist that you are expected to be. Playing the game comes with a big price and loads of stress. There will be days that you feel horrible inside, yet still, have to look beautiful. You can’t forget that you have to be tough hearted to be in this business and learn to live in the moment,” she adds.

With a busy schedule and an artist image to live by, loneliness is an unwelcome friend, yet Marisela always gained strength from her mother who was her manager, mentor, and best friend. As Marisela lives up to the demands of being an artist, she looks back and acknowledges that her life may have been a roller coaster, but was rewarding as well. In her pursuit of reacquainting with herself, Marisela, even though lives the life of a musician is always trying to work on being a better mother, wife, and businesswoman. However, since music is deeply rooted in her veins, Marisela chooses to stay in her career with zeal and fervor. “Music has and will always be a blessing. It’s my life,” she declares.

When she’s not on tour, performing on stage, or recording a single, Marisela spends time at home with her Maltese dogs and watches movies with her husband. As a versatile woman, Marisela also loves to paint, draw, and is currently writing her Autobiography. “When I was younger, I preferred shopping and hosting parties at home, but now that I’m older, I am more drawn to the softer side which means chilling at home or hosting intimate gatherings.” She smiles.

While Covid-19 struck the world, Marisela found tranquility at home where she analyzes her life and plans how to grow her business. “Covid made me realize that there is so much more to do. I completed a new musical production which is a remake of the traditional music involving different songs and styles and is dedicated to my mother. She will be with me all my life and these were her favorite songs that she loved to listen to.” Sadly, Marisela’s mother passed away early this year and months before the production was released and this is Marisela’s tribute to her.

Marisela photo for Showbiz by Gotti
Marisela photo for Showbiz by Gotti

Marisela also released her latest single Avientame and is recording more love songs and a pop ballad. As she continues to evolve in her career, Marisela plans to launch a TV talk show early next year where she will be speaking to women and introducing something special. She will be opening a memorabilia store in December which will showcase thousands of dresses and keepsakes for her fans and her darlings which she calls all her fans from the gay community. They are the ones that do drag shows and appear as her on stage performing her music. This unstoppable woman is also creating her signature perfume line to let the magic linger and continue to delight her audience.

Marisela offers a chock of advice to young women who aspire to be like her. Choosing this career is very challenging and comes with a whole lot of ups and downs, but if this is what you want in life, go for it! Be strong, be smart, be patient. Don’t give anything away, if you know what I mean. . . If you have the talent and believe in yourself, do it. Believe in you because of the power to be and do is in us. I believed in myself, it’s all about you. To want is to get. Forget about crying, or getting hurt if you want to be in this industry, crying is not going to make it happen for you. You have to be strong and ready to accept advice and lots of criticism. No one thing should bring you down. Just stay firm, strong, pretty, disciplined and be prepared. You can be and do whatever you want in life. It’s all up to you.”

Marisela believes she was bestowed with a sense of duty in this world. “I am devoted to making other women happy and strong through my music which is a channel I use to communicate with them. My purpose requires an immense responsibility because millions of women around the world look up to me. They call me a woman of steel because I never show weakness. I always stand strong. You will not ever see me cry for a man. I sing for them too and they just love to hear me put them in their place. Funny, right?” She quips. “I’ve encountered joys and trials in my career but have always accomplished my dreams. I’m determined to teach other women to be strong and help them overcome their sadness and emotional distress with love. I intend to always show women how powerful they are. Part of my advocacy is to send messages to the world and people who are depressed so I can enlighten and uplift their spirits,” she voices out.

She concludes this interview with a powerful message. “My purpose is to bring love, enjoyment, to help people forget their sadness, to have fun, and most of all to stay strong. I want them to always remember me when they listen to my music.”

To her fans, Marisela is La Dama De Hierro, but beneath all that is a woman who sings with a purpose, and through her music, she will continue to make an impact in women’s lives.

Photographer: VINCENT GOTTI @vinniegotti