Mar Solis For Latina Attitude
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Mar Solis For Latina Attitude

Por: Diego Cerón

1, November, 2022 en Latina Attitude

Being such a special issue for Latina Magazine featuring Rainbow High’s recent addition to the Celebration Collection series, Maria Garcia, a beautiful Dia de Los Muertos doll and the first Latinx doll in their collection, alongside living-doll and emerging Latina singer, Mar Solis how has this experience and the making of this cover been like for you?

This experience was one of a kind! I’m so grateful to have been invited onto this beautiful project and to honor my traditions more deeply.

Mar Solis For Latina Attitude
Mar Solis For Latina Attitude

Can you tell us what your favorite memories are of celebrating this Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, and what makes it such a special day?

What makes the day of the dead a special day is the fact that we are collectively as a community celebrating and honoring our ancestors. Those who live vicariously through us and love us in ways unfathomable to our comprehension! I love to honor my ancestors year-round and want to dive deeper into the vastness within my family tree!

Your latest single, “Calavera,” which translates to “Skeleton,” just released. It seems to be a perfect fit for a release during this season. Can you tell us more about this song’s inspiration and what went into the process of making this single?

Releasing this song this month was in divine timing and the invitation to this project shortly after was an incredible synchronicity. This song was inspired by something similar: the concept of someone being dead to you and no longer fitting into the equation of what you value, what you desire, and the life that you want to curate. Relationships can die out for so many reasons but in this case, it wasn’t so hard to release what was already predestined.

Rainbow High’s motto is all about letting your true colors shine. How do you let your true colors shine in your everyday life and your music?

I let my true colors shine by allowing myself to make space for all of them without minimizing their value in my journey. I feel that we are constantly morphing in our journey of becoming who we’ve always been and it’s so fun to discover how many layers we are capable of hosting. We are truly such vast creatures with so much to offer in how we show up in the world and I love to explore that as often as I can.

As the tradition of Dia de Los Muertos honors the souls of those who have passed on to the afterlife, what is one artist who is no longer with us who you would have loved to collaborate on a song with if you could?

I would have loved to collaborate with Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Aaliyah.

Mar Solis For Latina Attitude
Mar Solis For Latina Attitude

The Rainbow High series, which is going on its third season on YouTube and available on Netflix, follows a group of talented females while developing their own unique artistic talents from fashion to music to painting or graphic design. How do you relate to the Rainbow High series, and how do you work on developing your talents in your professional life?

To be a woman with a dream to me means to be driven, fierce, creative, fluid, intuitive, compassionate, vulnerable, and nurturing. I can definitely relate to the aspiring and independent Rainbow High girls as I too am working on developing and sharing my gifts as a musician, producer, and songwriter, not limiting myself to being only these things because we are so diverse and capable of doing so many things. But I am lucky to have found my passion at a young age and I am now seeing things I’ve dreamed of since I was little come to fruition. It is truly a blessing to be a woman, a creative force and portal of life that circulates and reflects through all existence.

What have been the most difficult lessons you have had to learn on your journey as an artist, and how have you grown from them?

The most difficult lessons that have taken me a while to see as a beautiful part of my journey have been starting my career in front of thousands of people rather than starting in smaller settings such as bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. So I’ve had to really throw myself into the pit of fire and share some really embarrassing moments with a lot of people, but I’m glad that I confronted my fear of being on stage at a young age no matter how difficult it was for me. I was battling with some heavy anxiety and panic attacks, but moved forward in love and conquered everything I sought to be too high of a mountain to climb.

Can you share with us any projects you currently have going on that you’re most proud of and upcoming projects you’re excited to work on? What are your goals for 2023?

I just launched my song “Calavera,” a song that feels amazing and reminds me of how easy it is to reclaim my power. “Quédate” meant a lot to me because it officially marked the beginning of my career as a soloist, and it was very well received. I am forever grateful for that.

I am most proud of my album that’s coming out in the next couple of months! This album really means a lot to me because it is an experience that takes you on a journey within. I can’t wait to express myself more and more to the world! I am just the vessel.

Mar Solis For Latina Attitude
Mar Solis For Latina Attitude

This season on Rainbow High, the school is currently doing its own take on the world-renowned competition EuroVision which they call Rainbow Vision. If you had to choose one song to perform for Rainbow Vision’s final competition challenge, what would it be and why?

I would sing “A Different Kind of Human,” by Aurora because it’s a song that to me serves as a reminder of how divine, special, loved, and welcomed we are on this planet exactly as we are. There is power in vulnerability. There is power in softness. There is so much power in women united and aware of their true essence.

The divine feminine is rising!

What are three facts about Mar Solis that fans might not expect?

Three facts that my fans might not expect are:

1. Whenever I play a game, board game, Wii game, or whatever it may be, I love to put a crazy stake on it. It’s my fun little way of gaining adrenaline.

2. I’m big on pranks. I absolutely love watching prank videos or social experiments when I have the time.

3. I love to live in ceremony and romanticize every moment. Honoring the little things like candlelight, classical music, breathwork, heated blankets, bare feet in the grass, gardening, subtleties, and more.

What advice would you give other young artists and other young fans who look up to you?

The advice that I would give to anybody younger than me who is reading this is:

Be yourself and just be. Be here and now, and show up in a space of love and gratitude for this very moment. It is truly a miracle that we are living and able to experience and understand each other in all of our hues. Just look around.


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