Luz María Doria Opens Her Life In A Pleasant Interview With Mar Saura

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4, April, 2022 en Latina Attitude

Luz María Doria Opens Her Life In A Pleasant Interview With Mar Saura, And Reveals How She Eliminated Her Fears To Become A Force In The Media In The Us.

The renowned author and producer of the Univision program, Despierta América, Luz María Doria, considered one of the “powerful” Latinas who break barriers in the media within the entertainment industry, spoke of her experiences from the perspective of women and how she came to become a successful professional overcoming her fears and living today.

During an entertaining interview with the Spanish actress, model and presenter Mar Saura, as part of her Instagram Live series: “Vivir es Increíble” by GNP Seguros, Doria revealed how during her childhood she was a very beloved but overprotected child, which generated fears.

“This is a wake-up call for all parents… because I was a very dear child but too protected,” said the author when recalling how that generated insecurity and fear, which she describes as “the envious metiche of your life” and that was her main enemy.

“I was getting on a plane and I was convinced that I was not going to land, I did not want to give ideas because I was afraid that they were going to criticize me and so I invented sad endings,” said the Colombian journalist graduated in communication from Barry University in Miami Shores, during the conversation with Saura.

“That was what kept me handcuffed, not daring, because I knew how to do many things, but I didn’t have the courage,” added Doria, who little by little managed to overcome her fears and got her first job at Cristina la Revista at age 21 and 4 years later she was already the director of it.


He pointed out that his main brake was in the mind, but that through discipline and nourishing it with good books and nourishing the soul, it can evolve. “In those moments that you think you are not going to achieve, that beautiful voice will tell you, maybe you will not achieve it today but tomorrow yes,” said the author of four books: “The woman of my dreams”, “Your stellar moment”, “The art of not staying with the desire” and “The Woman of my dreams, 100 ideas of gratitude and overcoming”. The most recent, is a summary of the other three and has tips to help readers overcome their fears and achieve their goals.

“It’s funny I’ve always been successful in my career because I’ve been a hard worker, but I could actually give more today and I’m giving more than I was 20 years ago… I do more things and I feel happier,” he said, noting that happiness is in enjoying today, away from family stereotypes.

“We were taught that you have to be a good mom, a good wife, a good lover, a good worker and you got tired before you started… so when you’re with your kids now you have to be the best mom and when you’re working the best professional and when you’re enjoying yourself you don’t have to feel guilty and move on,” Doria advised.

Undoubtedly a successful woman, at 56 years old, the author indicated that success for her is in doing what one wants and makes her happy. “Success for me is being able to write… every day being a television producer is making things happen and I’m the leader of a group that brings hope to America,” she said.

About Luz Maria Doria

She is one of the most influential women in media within the U.S. entertainment industry. A native of Cartagena, Colombia, she traveled to the United States in search of her dreams. She is vice president and executive producer of the Univision network’s morning show Despierta América.

She is a lecturer and author of 4 books: The woman of my dreams, Your stellar moment, The art of not staying with the desire and The woman of my dreams, 100 ideas of gratitude and overcoming. His work has inspired and motivated many people over the years.

Doria studied communication at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida, graduating in 1986 and beginning an internship as a reporter at the newspaper Colombian El Universal de Cartagena. That same year she began working at Editorial América (now Editorial Televisa) as a reporter for Cosmopolitan magazine and TVyNovelas USA, becoming director of Cristina, the magazine, of Cristina Saralegui with whom she also collaborated in her television and radio program.

She was Director of Entertainment for Univision’s TeleFutura network, where she supervised two daily programs: Escándalo TV and La tijera. In addition to her obligations to Despierta América, Luz María publishes a column in the newspapers La Opinión de Los Angeles and Diario la Prensa in New York.

In 2009 she was named one of the 25 most powerful women by People en Español magazine and in 2018 she won an Emmy Award.


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About Mar Saura

Born in Barcelona, Mar Saura began her career as a model on the catwalk and as the protagonist of important advertising campaigns nationally and internationally, such as Bulgari’s global campaign for “Save the Children”, in which she was portrayed by the prestigious Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferr.

After finishing a solid and important career as a model, Mar Saura continued to collaborate with great designers, while moving to television, as a presenter and actress. After two years as presenter of “Mírame” on Antena 3, Saura was the image of the network for six years, presenting various programs and campaigns of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, as well as host of the special program of end of the year for Spanish Television, the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2015 and 2017 he presented the gala of the Special Kings of Spanish TV.

His foray into Spanish cinema came from the hand of Asegarce with the film “El Rey de la Granja”. In 2009, the actress, requested by HBO, travels to Mexico to record “Cappadocia”, a leading series in audience throughout Latin America. That same year, HBO chose her to represent the network at the “Emmy Awards” in New York, delivering one of the awards and thus being the first Spanish in history that delivers an award of such a category. It is then, when the director Antonio Serrano, chooses her to be part of the cast of the film “Hidalgo Moliére”.

His latest works in Spanish cinema have been The Beginning by Benito Zambrano (2016), La Puerta Abierta by Marina Seresesky (2016), El mundo es suyo by Alfonso Sánchez (2018) and ¿Qué te juegas? by Inés de León (2018).

Currently, in addition, her work as an actress and model has taken charge as image and director of the advertising campaigns of the insurer GNP encompassed in the last four years #VivirEsIncreíble


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