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Diana Maux for Latina Mag cover | Foto: Diana Maux for Latina Mag cover

Interview with Diana Maux for Latina Magazine

Por: Susana Beltrán

6, January, 2022 en Latina Attitude


  1. Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m from Colombia. I grew up being bullied as a child because I was overweight. I had low self-esteem and I was bulimic as well. I left my country because I realized I wasn’t happy. I started to work for cruise lines and then I owned restaurants in Florida. I studied culinary management and business management. I was working a lot – it was 24/7 with tourism businesses.

That started to drive my will to start working out more. I was always into fitness because my mother ran marathons. I always tried to be active, but no one taught me how to eat. The problem was my nutrition, but thanks to the stress I was going through with my restaurant businesses, I used the gym as an outlet to handle all that stress. I radically transformed my body without surgery, which is something that has become very popular everywhere, but especially in Colombia where it’s affordable. I spent many years training and eating a clean diet while also multitasking with my career in culinary management and business. I learned about foods and how to cook healthy. I had to look at myself and my fitness and nutrition.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t know anyone but I started a new life three years ago.

  1. What was your childhood like? How does it shape your approach to taking care of your health?

My mother started taking me to the gym when I was six year old. I grew up watching my mother and sister working out because they always wanted to look good. Sports and fitness were always in my life and it influenced me. But I lacked nutrition. We didn’t know how to eat, and we didn’t get educated on it either. Most of us eat what the media tells us is good, which may not always be good.

  1. What encouraged you to become a lifestyle fitness coach?

I wanted to transform my life and myself. It did take many years, but when I saw that I could do it for myself, I wanted to take that experience and knowledge and inspire others to do it because it’s possible to achieve a healthy body without surgery. When you are more aware about your health on the inside, it shows on the outside. I felt that it was my obligation to share my journey. I share everything that I have been through because I know so many people can resonate with that and take something positive from it.

  1. What distinguishes you from other fitness coaches?

I know how to balance. I used to weigh my food and measure calories. My body fat percentage was too low and it caused an imbalance of hormones in me. My approach now is more holistic and focuses on everything you put into your body, not only food. It’s your thoughts and emotions. With balance, I don’t deprive myself of anything. Unless I have a project I really need to focus on, I do everything I want to. If I want a glass of wine right now, I will drink it. I was already obsessed with my physical appearance and I endured many things because I didn’t want to gain one pound. The holistic and balanced approach has helped me not obsess over my physical appearance anymore.

Diana Maux wearing a red dress photo By Muse for Latina Magazine
Diana Maux wearing a red dress photo By Muse for Latina Magazine
  1. 2022 is just around the corner. What is some advice you would offer someone whose New Year’s goal is to start focusing on their fitness and health?

The first thing I would encourage people to do when setting up your fitness and wellness goals is to understand what is your why? What is the reason you want to do it? When you have a strong reason, you understand why you’re doing it. Whether it’s for your physical appearance or because you want to look like a model, your reason is your anchor.

After you set your anchor, you start slowly. If you’ve never worked out before, you’re not going to be able to work out five times a week. Start off with little changes. You need to start to observe and analyze your body to study how your body is receiving the foods that you are eating. Every person is different, and what works for you may not work for someone else, which is why you need to pay attention to your body.

You also have to find something that you like, even if you don’t like to workout. I like to dance and I like fast cardio. Setting challenges with a partner is also great to start your fitness journey because you feel more accountable.

  1. Your nutrition program is about nourishment, not punishment. What are your thoughts on diet culture?

Diets may work but you always come back because you’re in a deprivation state. The brain automatically makes you crave that food. After you’re done with that diet, you’re going to overeat. I don’t diet and I don’t like dieting. It’s about lifestyle, nutrition, learning what is working for your body, and having balance. I like to approach lifestyle in a balanced way without becoming too obsessed with deprivation and strict diets.

  1. What’s next for your career?

I would like to keep growing my supporters because I want to reach more people. Changing lives is my main goal, and I am working on an application so I can train more people. I do one-on-one coaching and I’m trying to systemize everything into an application to make myself a better trainer. Every client that I have is here to teach me as well.

  1. Anything else that you would like to add?

We need to pay more attention to how we feel, not how we look. We need to be in tune with our inner feelings and have more awareness of how we’re feeling. If we are eating to fulfill our emotions, or if we are exercising to look like a model, those are all external reasons and we are most likely going to fail. I suggest that people form internal reasons and ask themselves how is my digestion, how can I optimize my days with my family, and how can I create more energy. We need more health goals than physical goals.

We also need to be patient. Everything is fast now and everyone wants instant results, but that is not the goal. It’s not going to happen like that unless you go to a surgeon. Don’t get frustrated because you don’t see results right away. On the contrary, enjoy the process because it’s what makes you feel really good and builds your character.


SEAN MUSE @muse.sean