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Caterina Valentino: inspiring thousands to ‘become the best version of themselves’

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Latina Attitude

Renowned Italian-Venezuelan journalist, radio and television host, Caterina Valentino, has taken to social media and conquered the hearts of thousands with her “VIP” etiquette video series on Instagram. Through the dozens of now viralhow to videos — shared weekly with her more than 2.2 million followers and posted on the site’s “Reels” feature — Valentino offers quick tips & powerful advice on “how to” display proper etiquette when “sipping a cappuccino at a five star restaurant, walking down a staircase at a fancy hotel, or getting out of a car in the most ladylike way,” and much more.

Valentino, who in 2019 was granted the prestigious “Ordine Stella D’Italia Cavaliers” award — the highest distinction awarded by the Italian government — for her work as both a journalist and an ambassador of Italian culture in the world, says it’s her goal to show fans and followers, “fun, easy and simple ways” that will help them become the best versions of themselves. An easy feat for a seasoned media professional like Valentino, who in 30 seconds or less, teaches how to do just that and more: not sure how to properly hold a wine glass at the dinner table or how to set the table when having guests over?, with Valentino’s VIP series, you’ll get a step-by-step “how to” that’ll have you doing all your daily activities the “VIP” way.

The response to Valentino’s etiquette series was swift: Her charisma, elegant demeanor and stylish delivery quickly won over the heart’s of hundreds of thousands of followers and earned her scores of new fans. Dozens of her videos quickly became viral, reaching millions of views and positioning her as inspirational figure, motivating others “to improve and increase their knowledge of etiquette and proper social behavior.”

“I come from humble beginnings and managed to get ahead with a lot of work, effort and discipline,”said Valentino. “Now, I want to share everything I’ve learned throughout these 26 years or so years of my professional career, so that people can continue to learn and grow with me. As humans, we’re constantly evolving and learning and it’s up to us to do the work to create the best version of ourselves. Through my VIP series, I want to do my part to help others along on their journeys.”

It’s important to keep Valentino’s impeccable and international journalistic trajectory in mind. It’s proof that she herself has always practiced what she preaches: self-improvement. Her efforts have many times been recognized by a slew of industry organizations that have bestowed on her top accolades. And her talents have led to a long list of career highlights: She’s hosted shows on international networks such as E! Entertainment Television with broadcasts in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, as well as radio programs on Radio INDI 101.5 FM broadcasted in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, and served as a correspondent of radio Caracol Internacional station “La W.”

She’s also been a collaborator on “Espejo Público,” an acclaimed news program airing nationally on the Antena 3 network in Spain, and has hosted a series of shows on Televen-Telemundo, Venevisión, RCTV. Currently, she’s the voice and face of the radio circuit of Venezuela: FM CENTER, where she also works as an associate consultant.

But the journey of prominent TV host Valentino, who in 2013 authored the autobiographical book “Valiente Corazón,” extends beyond journalism. For more than 8 years, she’s worked on humanitarian causes — specifically the creation and promotion of her nonprofit foundation “Los Buenos Somos Más,” which provides aid to disadvantaged children. And will not end there…One goal still to accomplish? “One day having my own television show, something a-la-Jimmy Fallon,” Valentino said.


Seasoned journalist, television and radio host, and actress, Caterina Valentino has been recognized with top industry accolades throughout her decades-long media career.

Her talents and efforts have garnered impressive distinctions — Valentino was bestowed with the highest award granted by the Italian government for her “impeccable journalistic career and work as a cultural liaison and ambassador, representing Italy and Italian culture throughout the world.” She’s also been recognized by the Congress of Colombia — where

Valentino worked as a correspondent for nearly a decade — and was named “Brand Ambassador of the Island of Aruba (Kingdom of The Netherlands)” by the Aruban Parliament.

Valentino earned a degree in social communication which she’s put to good use throughout her expansive international journalistic career. Some career highlights include hosting shows on E! Entertainment Television with broadcasted in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, hosting radio programs on Radio INDI 101.5 FM with broadcasts in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, and serving as a correspondent of Caracol Internacional, station “La W.” Notably, she’s also worked as an on-air “collaborator” on the acclaimed “Espejo Público” news program, airing nationally on Spain’s the Antena 3 network and has hosted a series of shows on Televen-Telemundo, Venevisión, RCTV. Her work has also appeared in print as a columnist for Credenciales Magazine in Bogotá, Colombia, and the newspaper El Nacional. She’s currently the voice and face for the Venezuelan radio circuit: FM CENTER, where she also works as an associate consultant.

She is the author of the autobiographical book “Valiente Corazón,” and is a Brand Ambassador for world-renowned brands: Lufthansa, MAC, Swarovski and Hublot.


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