Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine
Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine | Foto: Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine

Carolina Ross for LATINA Attitude Magazine

Por: Magret Martinez

17, August, 2022 en Latina Attitude

Carolina Ross is a promising young artist who gives hope to Mexican Regional music and has had much success on her own with her amazing renditions of various songs. From pop to heartfelt regional ballads, she continues to share her talent from tour stages to her social media for all her fans. Born in Culiacán, Sinaloa on September 23, 1995, the 26 year old sensational singer is expanding her horizons and leaving her mark in Latin music.

Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine
Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine

Can you tell us about how you grew up and what drew you to being a singer?

I have been singing since I was 3 years old, but formally I started vocal lessons when I was 5 years old. Since then, I started looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry, and it wasn’t until 2013 that I had the opportunity to participate in La Voz Mexico, which I consider a huge milestone in my musical career. I always comment about it and I like to emphasize that for me, the biggest challenge was not to be on the reality show, but to get up after the show, when there is no longer any support. There were three very difficult years for me, in which I did not know what to do. I cried daily, but thank God that I had a super-mom by my side who did not let me give up on my dream and I continued to prepare myself during those years. In 2017, I started working with the independent record label Cima Music Group with whom I am still with today and will be eternally grateful.

Who are your biggest influences and musical inspirations?

One of my inspirations has always been Shakira, a Latin singer and songwriter, who is at the top of the world with Spanish songs. Her success took a lot. Her songs didn’t always work the first time, and yet she was very tenacious. Most of the music from international artists is in English, and I find it very inspiring that she has achieved so much success singing in Spanish.

Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine
Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine

What are three things about you that your fans don’t know about you?

They already know everything about me. I consider myself super transparent.
1. I almost never miss sunsets.
2. I love the sound of the sea. I would love to live in front of it.
3. Rainy days make me sad.

Your career seems to have taken off after your participation on the Latin version of The Voice, La Voz, where you covered songs from Sia to Ricky Martin. Which was your favorite performance on the show and why?

My favorite performance was undoubtedly “Recuérdame,” a song that I sang as a duet with my great friend Willy Espinosa. Both of us showed off our voices very well, and every time I see that performance I get goose bumps.

Garnering over 2 Million followers on social media, what have been the best and worst lessons on your rise to fame?

Quite often, I traded time with family for rehearsals, nights out for a concert, eating at a restaurant for vocal lessons; but without a doubt, music changed my life…. The sleepless nights, the struggles and the sacrifices are all worth it when I experience the love and happiness of being on stage with my entire Rosser family.

Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine
Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine

Since being on the show you’ve gotten to sing with notable artists like Christian Nodal recently. What has that experience been like for you?

Magical. I started my YouTube channel doing covers of him, and for him to have given me the opportunity to open his show and also sing with him is something that I only imagined in my wildest dreams.

Is there someone you look up to who you would love to collaborate with?

I have a very long list! It makes me excited to think about it… in the regional genre, I would love to perform with Grupo Firme, Christian Nodal, La Arrolladora… in pop, with Carlos Rivera…

What projects are you currently working on that your fans will be excited to hear about?

Right now we are about to start the “Cuestión de Tiempo Tour” where you will be able to listen to all my songs from the new album, as well as the covers that made me popular on the internet.

I will also be part of another tour called “Las Divas del Mariachi,” a little love letter to our beloved Mexico. Here you can listen to classic songs. I will be singing along with Estela Núñez, Rocio Banquells, Azucena la De Jalisco and Claudia Sierra. We will start at the Auditorio Telmex.

Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine
Carolina Ross for Latina Attitude Magazine

Any last words or advice for our readers?

I would love to take this opportunity to speak to the artists behind the screens, behind social media, wonderful undiscovered stars, to keep fighting. Do not compare yourselves to anyone.
Success is not the likes, not the views, not the fame. Success is the desire with which you get up and do what you are passionate about. Keep developing your talent, polishing it, and studying it, so that one day it will shine so brightly that it will dazzle even the sun.

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