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Betty Palomino | Foto: Betty Palomino

Betty Palomino success as a purpose to overcome adversity

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Latina Attitude

Betty Palomino is a successful businesswoman, loving mother, and role model for any woman. However, in her life we find a tragic story full of adversity, but above all of overcoming, that defined the woman we know today. In 2006 she suffered a sled accident and was immediately disabled, which changed Betty’s perspective on her life and future. The medical opinion was not hopeful, since they discarded any possibility that she would walk again, “it is impossible,” said the specialists, but for those who know her, they know very well that for this woman NOTHING is impossible.

Fifteen years later, Betty Palomino is a living miracle and is thriving in the construction industry as CEO of Excellence Contractors Group LLC, as well as Buy & Sell Roofing Supply. She is now one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Atlanta. In other words, Betty is proof that when you have a purpose in your life, there are no obstacles that you cannot overcome. She is committed to transmitting her experience and teaching all those who want to listen to her, that they are capable of anything, and that the most important thing is to have the will to overcome the most difficult situations.

How did you get into the construction industry?

“When I arrived in ’99, I was working cleaning the construction of new houses. In 2000 I met who my husband was, a person of Mexican origin who worked in brick. And from there I began to help him in the administrative part. Each of us had his company but over time we managed to unite it to one, which we called D & B General Construction. We no longer only offered cleanin and brick services. It was when we started with some other services like Roofing & Concreto”.

How has it been being a CEO?

“I really like it a lot. It’s like a challenge, I studied business administration. I’ve always had the leadership part, I think it’s a talent of mine. I can apply all areas of my career ”

What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career?

“Sadly, time with my older children. I would have shared more time with them, I have always been a ‘workaholic’. My grown children grew up and I don’t know when they did. They have always told me that I have been a hard worker, since Colombia, so I have sacrificed stages of my life. I didn’t really enjoy the youth stage of going out, partying, and I asked myself ‘Why don’t I dance more? Why didn’t I enjoy it more? ‘Now with my disability. But when you are working you sacrifice many things”

Coming from an adverse environment, what were some of the things that kept you motivated?

“My children, if it hadn’t been for Valentina and Ricardo, I don’t think so. At that time they were four and twelve years old, they also had to work, they didn’t have a roof and they didn’t get anything for free. My parents were my other motivation who were in Colombia, I needed to be well and recover”

How does your experience impact you today?

“It was a process that you never wish this accident on anyone. But like human beings it happens to us so we have to accept it and live with it, and try to improve as a person. One sees life differently in the area that there are people who worry about absurd things. For things that have a solution. So you enjoy what you have in that moment, so I have to learn and make my life easier. There are tougher things, people who do not have health, or terminal illnesses, accidents like mine that are much more serious. So one has to learn to live what one has to be happy”

If you could go back, what advice would you give your younger self?

“I would tell her not to be so accelerated, to be calmer, that love, money and success will come. Let her worry about being happier. In not rushing to the times of others but rather focus on living their time and their stages. Do not worry about the love of your life, you will have the opportunity to meet him at any time and meet wonderful people who will change the way you see life, love, the world and there you will really learn who he is and who you are. true love. That with the passing of the years you will be wiser, more patient and you will be more relaxed. “Enjoy life a little more. As I think now, having had that mentality of enjoying every second, with my loved ones. Enjoy the simplest things, if I had known this would happen to me I would enjoy every littledetail. When you are well, you never think about what happens in the life of a person with a disability. It is something from day to day, so one as a human being worries about things that are not important”

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

“Professionally, I am on an expansion plan. We want to start with North Carolina, and all of Southeast God permitting. And personally taking my message to everyone who wants to hear about self-improvement, that everything is possible with the help of God, that although tragic events happen to us where our lives change 360 degrees, it is still possible to be in control. Be a better mother, wife and an example for the world especially for my children.

What’s next for Betty Palomino?

“Forming my own personal brand, who is Betty Palomino? And how to carry the message of self-improvement. Despite the adversities of life, as long as one wants with the best attitude and wants to do it, one can move on.”