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5 Questions with GiGi Diaz

Por: Karen Limón

26, January, 2022 en Latina Attitude

Born in Cuba, this bubbly well-rounded young woman has become one of South Florida’s most popular social butterflies on and off the radio; being nicknamed by her colleges as The Conscious Influencer for the positivity she spreads through her work.

She’s an iHeartRadio personality on 939MIA, Rumba, Mia 92-1 and TU949 and an entrepreneur of 16 years with her first business, a dance studio called GiGi’s Academy. The studio offers a variety of styles including hip hop, ballet, Quinces choreographies, Summer Camp and after school services, and was recently named Top 3 Dance Studios in Hialeah.

GiGi acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology as well as her Masters degree in Communications from Florida International University and through her career has been an inspiration to other women at a national level.

5 questions with GiGi Diaz

What does entrepreneurism mean to you?

Having the faith and confidence in the universe and yourself to jump into the void without any guarantees and having the strength to get up and get going when you fail. And yes, you will fail at times, that’s part of the process.

What is the best part of being an entrepreneur?

When done correctly, the best part of being an entrepreneur is the FREEDOM. The freedom to build your days, the creative freedom, the freedom to go hard or take a break. But this freedom is a double-edged sword. Without discipline and dedication that freedom can run you into all sorts of walls.

This is one of the biggest focuses of my coaching workshops. The concept of being an entrepreneur has often been portrayed as a “24 hour job”, a “constant hustle” with “no days off” and I don’t believe in any of those things. Becoming a slave to your business is the same as being a slave to a corporate job. I believe in working hard at growing your business but not at the expense of losing your self to it.

Gigi Diaz for Latina Magazine
Gigi Diaz for Latina Magazine

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a woman entrepreneur?

I believe that, after God, there’s nothing stronger than a woman. When we come together and collaborate, we’re an unstoppable force.

I’ve learned the value of surrounding yourself with other women who align with your vision and push you forward; women who believe in themselves and in the power of working together. Building a powerful tribe makes it easier to get through the tough times.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

There’s no such thing. I prefer calling it “time management and prioritizing.” Nothing in life is ever at a perfect balance, especially not as an entrepreneur. But I believe that if you truly manage your time and prioritize what you want to focus your energy and attention on each day, then you can accomplish anything you want. This is also something I teach in my workshops. It’s ok to put yourself first, put your business first, or put your family first when the time is right for each. It’s also ok to say NO at times, without explanations. I’ve found there’s a lot a guilt that comes with these concepts and I think it’s cause we’re “told” we’re “supposed” to do things a certain way. I don’t believe that. There’s a system for each person to accomplish all their dreams, from business to personal, you just have to find it.

What is Seizing Happy?

My new baby! It’s a concept first and a business second.

Happiness is often portrayed as a feeling, something that happens to you or as a consequence of events. My concept of Seizing Happy is based on the belief that finding inner happiness is a daily activity and you can keep that happiness no matter what’s happening in your life by strengthening the 5 main pillars of human wellness, which I teach in my courses.

I launched the business after receiving training as a Life Coach at the University of Miami.

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