Yailin la mas viral
Yailin la mas viral | Foto: Yailin la mas viral

‘Yailin la más viral’ expelled fan from her concert for looking like Karol G

Por: Edward Rueda

10, May, 2022 en Influxes

Yailin does not stop being involved in controversies as a result of her tour with Anuel in the United States, and not precisely because of positive episodes, rather what has been known leaves much to be desired.

On this occasion, the controversy comes from the complaint of an attendee of his most recent concert who published on social networks an indignant testimony.

Yailin la mas viral
Yailin la mas viral

According to the woman, she was removed from the presentation because Yailin forbade people in blue wigs.


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The complainant had no choice but to leave the club and use her social networks to publish the fact, in addition to drawing attention to this particular demand because it is widely known that blue is the hair color of Karol G.

The paisa singer is anuel’s former partner and it seems that although everything ended between the two of them, on the part of the reggaeton player and ‘the most viral’ the indirects towards Carolina have not ceased.

However, the balance of the audience seems to tip towards Karol as recently there was an embarrassing moment in which hundreds of attendees at an Anuel concert booed when a song by Yailin was played.

And not content with that, they began to ask for the songs of ‘la bichota’ something that immediately went viral through social networks.

In addition, in another video shared by one of her followers, Yailin is seen quite out of tune and lost in her presentation, something that they did not forgive her because many consider that it was a disrespect to her fans.

Here is the testimony of the fan expelled from the concert of ‘Yailin the most viral’:


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