Sid Rosenberg cover for FLG mag
Sid Rosenberg cover for FLG mag | Foto: Sid Rosenberg cover for FLG mag

Sid Rosenberg: A Face and Attitude for Radio

Por: Susana Beltrán

14, February, 2022 en FLG

The saying “You have a face for radio!” came into usage with the advent of television. Breaking news! … It is no longer an insult. Now because of internet programming, the global community can see some radio broadcasts live. As a result, radio personalities are in the spotlight more than ever. Not only are some radio talk show hosts frequently on camera, some of their guests and crew members are as well. When behind-the-scenes action is revealed, the radio show in effect becomes a new kind of reality show.

Sid Rosenberg, the popular media personality, indeed has a face as well as a personality for cutting edge radio!

Brooklyn-born Sid started his radio career on “The Drive” in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the late 1990s, heard online at The show eventually moved on to terrestrial radio and was syndicated nationally in more than 40 markets by Sports Fan and Westwood One. Sid also co-hosted an NFL Today pregame show heard nationally on Westwood One for three seasons.

In 2000, back in New York City, he took his act to the legendary radio station WNEW-FM, where he co-hosted “The Sports Guys,” a no-holds-barred morning show.

In, 2001, Sid landed job at the nation’s premier sports-talk radio station, WFAN, in New York City, where he hosted a midday show with Jody McDonald and later with Joe Benigno. Sid also talked sports on the “Imus in the Morning” program through 2005. While at WFAN, he hosted the New York Football Giants pregame show for three seasons.

In November 2005, Sid came to be heard on South Florida’s 790, AM, “The Ticket.” He hosted the midday slot before moving to mornings. In March 2009, he moved over to another Miami station (WQAM-560 AM) as the midday host before eventually taking over the afternoon-drive shift. While at WQAM, Sid was also heard on the Miami Dolphins post-game show for the Dolphins Radio Network.

Sid Rosenberg for FLG mag
Sid Rosenberg for FLG mag

In 2016, Sid joined 77 WABC in where he teamed up with Bernard McGuirk to launch the “Bernie & Sid” morning show. Sid also soon rejoined the “Imus in the Morning” cast until March 2018. In April 2018, Sid and his midday partner Bernie McGuirk launched “Bernie & Sid” as the new WABC morning show. In September that year, WABC also launched “Sid Sports Sunday,” a weekly sports talk program, giving his listeners his unique take on local New York teams and on the national sports scene.

Sid not only interviews some of the biggest names in sports and sports media but opens up the phones to find out what’s on the minds of some very passionate sports listeners. Passionate, yes, but no more passionate than Sid himself. With strong opinions and little patience for other people’s wrongmindedness, he has been referred to as an “equal-opportunity offender.”

Sid has gained a large fanbase on Instagram where he does live daily updates of the guests on his show and on YouTube. He has podcasts with Amanda Cipriano on WABC radio, called “Sid-Izens United.” He is also an author. His autobiography, “You’re Wrong and You’re Ugly: The Highs and Lows of a Radio Bad Boy,” was published by Triumph Books in 2010. His latest book “Sidizens United” is coming soon … the summer of 2022! And Sid is an actor. He appeared in the 2021 TV series “Gravesend Series,” and he is flying to London in the near future to shoot a film.

Sid has teamed up with fashion lifestyle designer Joseph Abboud. His new photoshoot for “FLG Magazine (Fashion & Luxury for Gents), styled by Abboud, reflects his new fashionista image. Sid is ever prepared to represent a lifestyle and products while being true to his Brooklyn, N.Y., down home roots. His followers might see him decked out, even while he eats Frosted Flakes and McDonald’s and healthier food too. They also witness him casually attired keeping himself and his life in order. As he proclaims, GTL (gym/tanning/laundry) is how he rolls! Speaking of health and fitness, he’s a stickler about his workout supplements, ordering all of them from

As Joseph Abboud put it, “Sid Rosenberg is a tough guy renaissance man who is just as likely to shed a tear with you as he is to punch you in the nose. He has a heart of gold but he doesn’t suffer fools easily. Sid is, without a doubt, the top morning radio talk show host in the country and his wealth of knowledge of politics, sports, pop culture, and now fashion is astounding. It was a true pleasure to stylistically transform my friend, Sid, from a guy in sports jerseys and hoodies into a fashion star with a cover story and an eight-page spread in such a beautiful magazine.”

Sid is known for his controversial and sarcastic humor as well as his insight. He speaks from the heart and he does so with flair and style. Indeed, his larger-than-life persona and irresistible magnetism represent live radio entertainment at its best. Yes, he’s a force of nature, but one shouldn’t forget his soft side too. He’s all about his beautiful wife Danielle and his children Ava, 17, and Gabriel, 13. And he is forever grateful to those people who have helped further his career, such as John and Margo Catsimatidis and Chad Lopez of WABC. Being so entertaining and emotional both, he probably should have his own reality TV show. But the radio gods might have something to say about that!