Fotos Sebastián Rulli cortesía: @SebastianRulli
Fotos Sebastián Rulli cortesía: @SebastianRulli | Foto: Fotos Sebastián Rulli cortesía: @SebastianRulli

Sebastián Rulli, a lover of living

Por: Edward Rueda

13, May, 2022 en FLG

Sebastián Rulli, a lover of living
During the most recent streaming Living is Incredible, transmitted from the account of @gnpseguros on Instagram, the Spanish actress, businesswoman and presenter Mar Saura chatted with the actor in a pleasant interview.

Mexico City – May 13, 2022 – Originally from Buenos Aires, but a Mexican national, Sebastián Rulli is one of the talents who has maintained the greatest presence in the Latin American art scene. From his professional beginnings as a model he retains the commitment to be better every day, while from his prolific career as an actor he has managed to preserve the emotion for the next project, to always give everything. This was revealed in the most recent streaming Charlas Increíbles de @gnpseguros, hosted by the Spanish actress, presenter and businesswoman Mar Saura. This is the most relevant thing you shared with your audience.

Facing a golden opportunity

“How does the project of The Rich Also Cry to Your Life arrive?”: this was the question with which Mar Saura invited Sebastián Rulli to share some reflection on his career, to which he answered:

“I couldn’t say no to this story, because it’s a classic of Mexican television. The truth is that it was a discovery because Luis Alberto Salvatierra, the character that I have to play, is a fichita!”, he said, demonstrating with his sincere response that playing the character is not easy, because it has many edges.

Thus, the Spanish celebrity took the opportunity to inquire more about the process behind giving life to Salvatierra. “In preparing your character, did you find that he was very different from who you are?” he asked.

“At first glance we look alike,” Rulli replied, “but it was quite a challenge to justify their actions. It hasn’t been easy to make it true, but that’s the magic.” In his response, the guest at this Incredible Talk showed that he likes to take on challenges like this interpretation, something that drives him to be a better artist every day.

After talking about his acting side, it was time to get to know a little more about the man behind the character, Sebastián Rulli. To do this, Mar Saura asked openly:

“How would you define yourself, how is Sebastian Rulli?” Visibly interested in answering it, Rulli said:

“Yes I am romantic, they are very restless and very adventurous. I like to travel and adrenaline, as well as realize that I’m alive and that everything is just for today.”

Every second counts

Taking advantage of the speed and security demonstrated in her previous answer, the Spanish actress wanted to know: “Are you in the best moment of your life?”, to which Rulli had nothing more to assert:

“Yes, definitely, and it never has to stop being. The best moment is always to come and you have to live the present to the fullest. Living is incredible as long as you are aware that you have health, you do what you like you can not ask for more, “ said Sebastian Rulli with aplomb, making his own the main slogan of @gnpseguros, which invites us to enjoy the wonders of this world.

Thus concluded one more edition of this streaming, which during the last two years has summoned the most relevant figures of the Latin American artistic medium to talk with Mar Saura. Don’t forget to follow the following stream on @gnpseguros Living is Amazing Instagram account

About Mar Saura

Fotos Mar Saura cortesía: @MarSaura
Fotos Mar Saura cortesía: @MarSaura

Born in Barcelona, Mar Saura began her career as a model on the catwalk and as the protagonist of important advertising campaigns nationally and internationally, such as Bulgari’s global campaign for “Save the Children”, in which she was portrayed by the prestigious Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferr.

After finishing a solid and important career as a model, Mar Saura continued to collaborate with great designers, while moving to television, as a presenter and actress. After two years as presenter of “Mírame” on Antena 3, Saura was the image of the network for six years, presenting various programs and campaigns of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, as well as host of the special program of end of the year for Spanish Television, the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2015 and 2017 he presented the gala of the Special Kings of Spanish TV.

His foray into Spanish cinema came from the hand of Asegarce with the film “El Rey de la Granja”. In 2009, the actress, requested by HBO, travels to Mexico to record “Cappadocia”, a leading series in audience throughout Latin America. That same year, HBO chose her to represent the network at the “Emmy Awards” in New York, delivering one of the awards and thus being the first Spanish in history to deliver an award of such category. It is then, when the director Antonio Serrano, chooses her to be part of the cast of the film “Hidalgo Moliére”.

His latest works in Spanish cinema have been The Beginning by Benito Zambrano (2016), La Puerta Abierta by Marina Seresesky (2016), El mundo es suyo by Alfonso Sánchez (2018) and ¿Qué te juegas? by Inés de León (2018). Currently, in addition, her work as an actress and model has taken charge as image and director of the advertising campaigns of the insurer GNP encompassed in the last four years #VivirEsIncreíble

About GNP Seguros

GNP Seguros is the Mexican multi-branch insurance company with 120 years of experience that support it, it is also part of one of the most important business conglomerates in Mexico GRUPO BAL, which is made up of prestigious and outstanding institutions in each of its sectors: insurance, pensions, financial, commercial, industrial and educational.

His multi-branch experience and his commitment to Mexico has allowed him to be a reference of information for the Insurance Sector.