Mauricio Henao, for a new opportunity

Por: Edward Rueda

27, May, 2022 en FLG

Mauricio Henao, for a new opportunity
The co-star of “La Herencia”, opens his life in a pleasant interview with the Spanish presenter Mar Saura for “Vivir es Increíble” by GNP seguros @gnpseguros

Sometimes it is not enough to fulfill a dream: living it entirely requires conscious attention to the moment you live, so that the desire really becomes a reality. This is what we can see in the most recent streaming of talks Living is Incredible, hosted by the Spanish actress, presenter and businesswoman Mar Saura through the Instagram of @gnpseguros. On this occasion, the guest was Mauricio Henao, who currently co-stars in the telenovela La Herencia. This is a bit of what he revealed.


The actor vs. the character

“How would you describe your character, does it have a lot to do with you?”: this was the question with which Mar Saura sought to know a little more about the interpretation of Mauricio Henao in the role of Mateo del Monte. In this regard, he commented:

“Matthew, Matthew of the Mount… I had never touched a character who handled this issue of alcoholism. We have touched on very dark topics with Mateo, so whenever I get home I say “Mauricio, leave the character aside”. And it is that by giving life to the joker and young younger brother of the Del Monte, Mauricio has managed to make visible a health problem and its consequences, all thanks to his histrionic capacity.

Living the dream

Thus, Mar’s next question revolved around one of his most recent projects: the film Panama. “You have a spectacular career, you’ve worked with Mel Gibson, tell me that.”

“It was a very important moment in my career. I did the casting, they did the call back and I stayed. In addition, Mr. Mel Gibson and Cole Hauser are excellent actors. I dreamed it, and even living it I thought that this should be a dream, “said the Colombian, convinced that this opportunity will open many more doors in the future.

Although Mauricio Henao is today a recognized actor in Latin America and already visible in Holywood, he is not at all a novice: on the contrary, his career began as a child. And as he could see in the interview, when you start working very young in the middle of the show, perseverance is a fundamental element.

“You started very young,” asked Mar Saura, “did you always know that you would achieve success?

“I wasn’t always clear about it, and when I started in this race, my mom would tell me, ‘Mau, never give up. If they close that door on you, go and touch it again. And if they don’t open it for you, go to another one and keep knocking on that door,” he said visibly moved by the fruits he has reaped thanks to his tenacity and effort.

Thus, near the end of the streaming, the Spanish celebrity wanted to know if her guest had made the main message of GNP Seguros his own: “Is living incredible, Mauricio?” she asked.

“Of course. Living is incredible as is smiling, loving, being at peace”, concluded Mauricio Henao, proving to be in a great moment of his life and career.

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