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Humberto Garibay: Sparkle with a Purpose

Por: Karen Limón

27, November, 2021 en FLG

Humberto Garibay came to existence with a deep purpose―to radiate light, beauty, and joy, leaving a little sparkle wherever he goes.

As a child, Humberto had a keen foresight and vision to be successful. “I always dreamed of conquering the world by becoming the best plastic surgeon to make people beautiful and be an inspiration for everyone.” He smiles. At 6 years old, Humberto would use his mother’s ant-aging creams while looking at the mirror and telling himself that he would never age.

Growing up in El Capulin, a quaint town in the state of Michoacan Mexico provided stable formative years for Humberto. “I had the best childhood wherein we had the freedom to play all day and walk around the town with no fear or danger because everyone knew one another,” he shares. Humberto’s father was a farmer who cultivated corn, barley, and wheat. “My father taught my two sisters, brother, and me how to appreciate what we have and work hard for what we want in life. He also stressed the importance of respect, love, and sharing. Being the eldest son, I needed to set a good example for my siblings,” he adds.

At 16 years old, Humberto packed his bags and left his childhood home to move to California. “Migrating to another country left a huge mark on me since I was not only leaving my friends, my school, my town, my relatives, but most importantly, I was leaving my immediate family, my parents, and my brothers,” he voices out his sentiments. Humberto lived at his grandmother’s house and she became a second mother to him and gave him so much love. “I have to say that the first few years were difficult because I had to learn how to speak English and acquaint myself with a new culture that offered different traditions and outlooks in life. I also had to learn how to be a strong, responsible person and make wise decisions,” he adds.

Humberto Garibay wearing a black outfit
Humberto Garibay wearing a black outfit

Yet even after living in California for the past decades, Humberto has never forgotten his Mexican roots and continues to practice their family traditions. “One of the most vital traditions is the importance of family. Now that my family has moved to California, we visit each other almost every day, are very united, and always help one another. Another Mexican tradition that I value most is respect for others especially the elderly. I have continued to practice our religious traditions,” he relays.

Before he founded HG Kosmetiks, a skincare and beauty line, Humberto had always been fascinated with the beauty industry. “I was faithful to my Esthetician using professional products and having monthly facial treatments. Out of curiosity, I informed my Esthetician that I would love to do what she does. She gave me the school information and I registered a month after,” he confesses. Being an Esthetician for 18 years allowed Humberto to explore various professional skincare lines, yet he couldn’t find the right line to provide the results his customers desired. “I have been obsessed to find a miracle product that will cease skin from aging. I remember carrying multiple lines to treat different skincare issues because I did not like all the products from one respective line. For that reason, I decided to create my skincare line that could treat all skincare issues while providing promising results,” he states.

Humberto was fortunate to find the best laboratory that could formulate his products using the most refined, high-quality ingredients that provide results in a few weeks. To date, Humberto takes pride in the 38 products available in the market and continues to improve his brand to offer the best, sought-after products in the market. “I love what I do and skincare is my passion. This is an amazing career because you can help many people feel better and look great,” he declares.

Humberto has dealt with different types of skin and believes in the power of beauty. “Beauty is extremely important, it makes you feel better, secure, and confident. Beauty gives you personality and opens lots of opportunities. I do not want to sound superficial, but beauty has great power in this world. For this reason, we need a great skincare routine to maintain healthy skin, to improve imperfections or any skincare issues,” he voices out.

Humberto Garibay white and black outfit
Humberto Garibay wearing a white and black outfit

Humberto draws inspiration from his inner passion for having beautiful healthy skin and this compelled him to inspire and help others achieve healthy, radiant, and flawless skin. “As a professional, seeing a transformation on the skin of my clients provides a validation that I have achieved my goal, knowing I can make a difference in people’s lives. This confirms that I am doing a great job and my product guarantees positive results. I feel revitalized knowing that I am in the right industry,” he expresses himself with vigor.

Each time Humberto meets a client for the first time, he ensures that they feel welcome by establishing a sense of trust. “My goal is for them to see me as their friend or someone that cares and wants to help them. I also emphasize taking care of their skin, practicing a good regiment at home, and being consistent to achieve promising results. Each time I provide positive results on my client’s skin, they feel more confident, secured, beautiful, and most importantly grateful with life,” he discloses.

While Humberto loves helping others with their skin problems, he provides a relaxing sanctuary that emanates joy and allows them to feel good about themselves. “Respect, love, professionalism, equality, integrity, compassion, giving, and helping others are the core values that I live by,” he affirms. Humberto is a walking example of HG Kosmetiks, wherein every product should primarily be tested on his skin before selling it to his clients. “I must feel it, like it, and see outstanding results. I will never sell something that I do not believe in. My focus is to always offer the best ingredients with supreme quality in the market,” he adds.

Despite his success in the skincare industry, Humberto faced some pitfalls. “One of my biggest challenges was to introduce my skincare line to the world, to be accepted, and for people to try the product and believe in it. Being in the beauty industry proves to be demanding in competing with major name brands that have been around for decades. But when you believe you contain a remarkable product that can transform people’s skin, the product will speak for itself. People will continue buying the product and also recommend it to others. This has been my best advertisement for overcoming my obstacles,” he confides.

Humberto Garibay playing his piano
Humberto Garibay playing his piano

HG Kosmetiks focuses on helping the community and is not only dedicated to improving people’s skin but to make an impact in people’s life. “HG Kosmetiks is part of multiple non-profit organizations like ‘Alas del Pez,’ ‘Unidos por Huasca’ and many others where we provide food, clothing, education, and medical treatment for people in need. “HG Kosmetiks has chosen one product called the ‘Supreme Anti-aging Facial Wash’ where 40% of the profit will go to these non-profit organizations to help not only the people in need in the US but in Mexico as well. We believe that we must give back the support that we have received from our people,” he says.

Giving back to others and the community plays a big role in Humberto’s life. “I am a man of faith and believe that when you give and help others with love, without expecting anything in return, the blessings will continue to pour in your life. The greatest feeling I have ever felt is to make a difference in people’s lives and I am blessed that life has allowed me to help people,” he announces.

As the head of the company, Humberto carries a big responsibility that can consume his entire day, but he tries his best to keep a healthy work/life balance so he can spend time with his husband and family. “When it’s time to go home, I do not respond to any phone calls, texts, or work-related issues. I value my wellbeing and keeping a balanced life provides happiness and positivity,” he divulges.

Humberto plans to expand his business by incorporating a makeup line that will not damage people’s skin and has also branched out to international countries like Mexico, Canada, Spain, and Puerto Rico. Humberto will never forget his humble beginnings and will continue to help his community. “I always tell people that nothing is impossible, and if you want it, you can have it. You just need to do what you love because if you love what you do, you are going to be successful. Patience is the key and nothing comes easy. Working hard and sacrifice will allow you to reap a harvest of what you planted,” he declares

He concludes this interview with a powerful statement. “My purpose in this world is to exude light, be a positive figure, or a role model to influence and inspire beauty and health in everything.”

As he establishes his mark in the world, Humberto Garibay is indeed a visionary that sparkles with a purpose.