Chris Adams For Business Concept
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Chris Adams For Business Concept

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25, November, 2022 en Business Concept

Luxury business leader and hospitality expert Chris Adams has built his success through his passion for helping others. The Ellis Adams Group is responsible for creating some of the world’s most memorable designs from partnering with Marriott International to transform locations for The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, W Hotel, Westin and Renaissance among others all over the world. With a core belief that design is in the details, Chris Adams and the Ellis Adams Group continue to bring a level of excellence to any brand or business.

Chris Adams For Business Concept
Chris Adams For Business Concept

Who were your early role models in business?

John Maxwell from a leadership perspective. John made me realize the necessity of learning the skill of how to lead. Maxwell and this concept of leadership were introduced to me by a mentor of mine named Brian Sanders.

My father was also a big influence as I watched him navigate creating personal connections with others. His ability to create immediate comfort and command of a room all at the same time was a skill I knew I needed to learn.

Can you tell us about your early childhood and what your goals were before getting introduced to the hospitality business?

I grew up in a very musical family and assumed that would be my path. Being on stage and entertaining was definitely my first love. What I came to discover was what I loved was making people feel something. The transition to hospitality was so comfortable as I continued doing what I loved. Finding ways to make people feel something special, creating an emotional connection.

What moments helped shape your path and who you are today? What lessons did you learn from these moments?

Sitting in culture training for The Ritz-Carlton had a tremendous impact on my life, and made me realize this was where I saw my future.

Also, part of the process of finding success is failing along the way and forcing myself to dig deep into truly understanding the hospitality industry.

Chris Adams For Business Concept
Chris Adams For Business Concept

What is the biggest misconception about the hospitality industry and what’s the biggest misconception about the luxury business? How are they similar or different from each other?

As for me, I believe the biggest misconception of the hospitality industry is that it is thought that it is a secondary option or a pass-through job on the way to something else. Similarly, I believe it is assumed luxury simply means expensive.

The reality for the hospitality industry is that it is one of the most gratifying industries to be a part of, and requires true skill to be successful. Those that have a true heart for others find real happiness and contentment in this industry. For luxury, it has little to do with price, but everything to do with the ability to create a feeling. If you can create an emotional connection with a guest, price no longer matters.

What challenges do you face in your industry today and how do you see those obstacles be overcome?

Like many other industries, labor has become a looming issue, and the increasing cost of goods continues to be a challenge. The hospitality industry must get creative with how we operate our business and look for opportunities to do things differently. To help fight the labor crisis, we must invest in our people. We must rebuild confidence and trust in the workforce. If we don’t truly invest in them, they won’t invest in us.

Is fear a cautionary tale that keeps most entrepreneurs from taking a leap of faith into your industry or is it something that can be a powerful motivator?

Absolutely! Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of letting others down…These are all common reasons for not taking that leap of faith. If you don’t believe in your vision enough to take that leap, nobody else will. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. The responsibility that comes with this role can be overwhelming and lonely. Not many will understand what it takes or the sacrifices you are forced to make.

Chris Adams For Business Concept
Chris Adams For Business Concept

What are the top three do’s and don’ts of the luxury and hospitality industry?


-Focus on details.
-Care more about others than you do yourself.
-Look for every opportunity to make an impact or create a memory for someone else.


-Cut costs instead of looking for ways to drive revenue.
-Forget it is our team that makes the engine run. Don’t take them for granted.
-Don’t underestimate the importance of strategy and a detailed plan.

What are some of the projects you’re currently working on that get you excited to go to work in your field every morning?

Continuing to support the luxury brands within Marriott International always excites me. Beyond that, we have some amazing tech projects we are launching, as well as a unique B&F operation for a property in which we will be partners.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who might be interested in following your path?

Be okay with change and allow your vision to be malleable. Even when it gets tough, don’t stop believing in your vision. Always stay true to who you are.

Chris Adams For Business Concept
Chris Adams For Business Concept

If you could change anything about your journey as an entrepreneur, what would it be?

I think anyone would like to go back and not make mistakes, especially those that impacted others.
I also believe that is all part of the learning process. Those are things that had to happen to get me where I am today. The key is you learn from those things and can minimize mistakes in the future.

Is there a secret to maintaining a healthy work-life balance in a field that consists of constant travel? What do you do in your personal life to create a balance between home and work life?

For me, it’s knowing we are helping others and making an impact on people’s lives. I get the opportunity to travel the world and experience what most will never have the opportunity to experience. I believe each person needs to figure out what works for them in finding “balance”.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and the worst piece of advice and why?

Best: Before you respond, stop. Sleep on it. Collect your thoughts.

Making sure you have had time to let your emotions get out of the response, you will respond rationally and with a clear vision. We can never let our emotions dictate our behavior.

Worse:Stop trying to pursue these crazy ideas.

The crazy ideas are what keep me going. Those ideas built my brand.

Chris Adams For Business Concept
Chris Adams For Business Concept

Luxury seems to be a word that many people find out of reach. How do you create luxury experiences that everyone can enjoy?

If you focus on how you make people feel, you can create luxury in any situation.

Lastly, what is your favorite quote to live by?

Good things happen to good people.


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