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Yoel Carmona designs cover | Foto: Yoel Carmona designs cover

Yoel Carmona tells us his story

Por: Karen Limón

26, November, 2021 en Fashionshow


Hi my name is Yoel Carmona, I’m lawyer and fashion designer from Venezuela. I was born in a small town named La Grita were the mountains touch the sky and the surrounding lakes bring up the view and beauty. I studied law in San Cristobal, Tachira. However since early age my passion was for designing, but it was not till after I graduated from law school that I rediscover my call for the fashion world. My love for women’s purses and all types of accessories was vibrant and it was that what I really wanted to do.

For me, purses and accessories are a whole story that needed to be told so I stared to develop some items. I believe that every time someone’s wears one of my pieces, that someone is telling something to the world about how she feels and how they are inspired through my designs. My beginnings in the fashion world were not easy. If I wanted to learn about leather I needed to travel to Colombia and I did it many times by crossing the bridge that connects Colombia and Venezuela. I walked the Simon bolivar bridge many times because I was determined to learn and my goals were cristal clear.

My first and more valuable experience was when I arrived to Caracas capital of Venezuela. I arrived with all my hopes and dreams, ready to show someone my products (designs). That very influential person at the time only smiled and we took a picture together and put the item away with no importance, I believe that in her mind my items were not good enough to display at the store. I felt down and my hopes and dreams were ruined for a second. However, I had a second thought in which I promised myself that I was coming back to my hometown to open a store for myself. With hard work and determination I opened my very first store in 2015 in San Cristobal, Venezuela. Believing in my own instincts later I opened a second one. I then, returned to Caracas, but this time was different because I had been on radio and newspapers and the odds were on my favor but everything took a different turn.

In 2016 for personal issues/motives I had to fleet my home country. In that year I arrived to Florida and with the help of some friends I stared again from scratch. I then had to carry signs that red “ car wash” and I was a dish washer at some restaurant too. I was determined to succeed and get out my comfort zone and make my dreams a reality.

Yoel Carmona yellow design
Yoel Carmona yellow design

I opened my first store in palm beach “Yoel Carmona” but since my name was not popular I had little to no sales and soon my store was going to close. I was devastated because my dreams had failed and in order to keep them a float I had to sleep in my car and shower at a local gym. I was getting into financial trouble just to keep the store open. One day a good friend told me to close the store and I did, I had gotten into debt. I then worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant and saved to paid the debt I got into with the store. After closing the store my heart pointed in the direction of the “big apple” NYC.

I remember that one day received a call from a friend who also wanted to moved to NY. At that time I had nothing to lose and I needed to pursue my dreams, I had not given up at all. The apartment were I lived the owner decided to sell it and I needed to move out ASAP. I sold everything I had and my friend who I was supposed to come to NYC backed up. The owner of the restaurant were I worked gave me a surprise and handed me a letter of recommendation to work at his friend place.

I left Miami and I was on my way to NY with one bag, $120 in my wallet, 3 pants, 4 shirt and one pair of shoes. I had some my “friends” in NY that rejected me and did not offered any help when asked. I was lost and seriously I got lost in the subway system many times but I was determined so succeed. I got to the work place I was referred by my ex boss in Florida and I stared to work with so many things flying in my mind at that time. I was happy, I was worried and I was lost.

New York wasn’t easy I work in many places such as bars, event venues, restaurants just to name a few. In the mean time I knocked so many doors to see if any designer would help me but due to lack of connections and the language barrier I was not very successful. I walk the streets of New York daily and visited more than 230 stores to see if they would sell my items but nothing.

Yoel Carmona designs
Yoel Carmona designs

After many emails, phone calls I was given the opportunity to be part of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. Yes, perseverance was the only motto. I won’t lie, I was exhausted and with no hope left. I recall when a friend of me called me and asked me if I wanted to be part of his fashion show, that was the opportunity I needed to recharge my hope and dreams. This young Venezuelan boy’s dream was about to be real walk my collection during New York Fashion Week.

The stepping stone I needed was right in my hands and I was not going to lose it, I suffer a lot but I was thankful for the opportunity. After many failures and challenges I was born again. I stared to support children with cancer with the collections I shown, I realized that I need to give back to those in need. I am extremely thankful to God and to my family who have supported me along the way. I’m very fortunate to have many friends that support my vision in one way or another.

I came home today to write this part of my life in which I have left many things Untold. To write something about me that brings me memories and to see how far I have walked. To you: the reader, I want you to get out of your comfort zone and walk the perseverance walk. This walk is not easy but I’m cheering you up and if I did it you will do it too.

I’m Yoel Carmona and this is my story.

“Nothing is impossible and it doesn’t matter in the circumstances you are in right now! Never stop believing in yourself”

Yoel Carmona black design
Yoel Carmona black design

About Coraje Collection

This new collection is inspired by women who have always chosen a Yoel Carmona. Women who reinvented themselves and went through difficult times and today raise their voices in favor of equality and justice.

This collection is composed of two capsules. First capsule a line of swimsuits completely in black color that ratify the sobriety and elegance of women.

Second capsule unq line in colors such as fuccia, coral and blue that show inspiration, strength and courage of women, it is totally inspired by the union of women since we observe 4 women of different ages, ethnicities and cultures, but united by a feeling when screaming your inner voice.

Yoel Carmona brand is a swimwear brand based in New York City. Yoel creates pieces that are practical, useful and elegant for the everyday woman. Its main objective is the responsibility of highlighting the capacities that women have, highlighting their silhouette and personal style.