Olga Lu Gallego cover for Luxury trending magazine
Olga Lu Gallego cover for Luxury trending magazine | Foto: Olga Lu Gallego cover for Luxury trending magazine

Olga Lu Gallego: Luxury fashion in the new economies

Por: Karen Limón

30, November, 2021 en Business Concept

Pioneer entrepreneur in Latin America in collaborative economy companies. It combines sustainable fashion with technology and remains at the forefront of new consumer trends and the new concept of luxury. It makes an important contribution to the awareness of its customers to always use the original, but sustainable and supporting the care of the planet by reusing, transforming Pre-loved garments and accessories.

What is the new luxury for you?

The new luxury not only has to do with the Objects, today it is the experience. Today is not only being able to buy it, it is knowing how to use it, it is who carries it, it is the story behind the purchase, where you acquired it and how it got to you. Today, luxury and exclusivity are also linked to values.

Why do you talk about values ​​and luxury?

Because the new luxury is related to the exclusive, with what not everyone can do or have. It is for exclusive groups to think about the planet, to reuse, it is for exclusive groups to appreciate and value the original. Not only the objects, it also has to do with the experience, with the smells, with the sensations, with the service, with the environment, with the forms, with the ways, with the words, with the courtesy and with everything that is known. relate to being, acting and looking exclusive. Speaking of Values ​​in human beings there is also segmentation and differentiation, the values ​​of exclusivity in the couple, an impeccable attitude in business, the exclusive values ​​of respect for other human beings and for the planet. That’s for me today, the new luxury fashion. IT IS FASHIONABLE TO BE EXCLUSIVE.

Olga Lu Gallego photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine
Olga Lu Gallego photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine

What about the industry that is behind the imitations, it cannot be denied that it moves very high figures in the economy?

Of course, but it moves illegal figures. We cannot forget that just as there is light there is also darkness and that everything that is done well has a tendency to be imitated by the less talented, thus, that using the original is also exclusive, whatever the commercial value, from a craftsman that paints the tableware of Talavera and that imitate it by making serial prints, even one of the top brands in the market. Twenty-five years of experience creating companies from scratch. I apply business and process reengineering to existing companies as a Master consultant in the US, Mexico and Colombia. I am recognized in Latin America for being a pioneer in the creation of collaborative economy companies. I plan, analyze and define clear objectives for emerging or existing companies. I integrate and develop talents in multidisciplinary teams. I build personal brands and public image. All this through my work as a Consultant entrepreneur, and executive coach. The companies and people I advise manage to define their strategic staff by developing a step-by-step direct to the objective, which reduces time, optimizes resources and empowers talents. In addition, through a methodology developed by me, companies and people learn to do social work where talents are not only discovered but also monetized for the common good, thus improving the lifestyle and being socially responsible with the planet and humanity. I monetize Passions.

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