Jandae Percem for Dressy Magazine cover
Jandae Percem for Dressy Magazine cover | Foto: Jandae Percem for Dressy Magazine cover

Jandae Percem for Dressy Magazine

Por: Karen Limón

19, January, 2022 en Dressy

If you think beauty and brains can’t coexist, you are wrong. We want to introduce you to a woman who has a lot of both. Her name is Jandae Percem, she is a Turkish-American actress, director, producer, model, and mom! Yes, you heard it right. If you look at her photos we can avoid any explanation regarding her beauty, but you should know that this powerful woman founded her own film production company Oceans Filmworks in 2018 and is developing new projects non-stop.

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Jandae moved to the United States at the age of fourteen and lived in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. She speaks fluent English and Turkish, and intermediate Spanish. After having majored in Information Technology, she then pursued acting and studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC. Additionally, she continued her acting education at the Susan Batson Studio.

Jandae Percem first gained recognition playing the teenager, Ashly, one of the lead roles in the movie, “Blue Lake” (circa 2013). In 2014, she played roles in two Turkish TV series, “Hersey Yolunda Merkez” and “Ask Kac Beden Giyer.” We’ve also seen Jandae in the Netflix’s series “Orange Is The New Black” and “Person Of Interest.”

She directed and produced her first film in horror “Entity Project” in 2018, and she is in the process of producing, directing, and acting in her second feature film with a number of proven actors and filmmakers (expected to be released in 2019).

Jandae Percem for Dressy Magazine
Jandae Percem for Dressy Magazine

Jandae is also working in a documentary about the World Women Boxing Champion Jennifer Han (who is her sister in law) to compare and explain what it means to be a female boxer, cons and pros of it, challenges, etc.

She wanted to reflect in “Entity Project” the reality of a foreign person living in the US, where your friends usually happen to be also foreign, so she casted actors from different countries like Argentina, Colombia, Germany, US, and Turkey, as she is Turkish.

The cast includes award winning Colombian actress Valentina Ezpinoz, Argentinean actress Carolina Levi, Talisha Williams (known for the campaign she did for the Chris Brown’s brand Black Pyramid Clothing), Gia Maulbeck, and Stephanie Geiger.

The film is about 6 friends renting a haunted house where two exorcists used to live. Their goal is to prove paranormal entities do exist.

To stay tuned for the latest news on Jandae you can follow her on Instagram @jandaepercem