Megan Felix for Dressy cover photo
Megan Felix for Dressy cover photo | Foto: Megan Felix for Dressy cover photo

Interview with Megan Felix

Por: Susana Beltrán

26, January, 2022 en Dressy

Thank you so much for doing this with us dear Megan Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you share with us the backstory of how you came upon this career path and to where you are today?What were you interested in during school before your modeling dreams took hold?

So I grew up in OR near Portland area. Always very into fashion, makeup, beauty and taking pics. While all the kids wore jeans and uggs to school. I would wear high heels and paint my nails a diff color every day to match my outfit. Always from a little girl into the fashion mags and what was trending.

Did you ever have anyone try to dissuade you from entering modeling? Did those close to you want to support you but not sure how?

I had a few friends that encouraged me to model. I am 5’8 and in the real world that was tall ????. Of corse there were always haters saying it’s not a real job and to go to school, get a degree. Including my parents, I love to death but they just didn’t agree. I’m a super creative person, I make cloths, draw, paint and have been singing and into music since I was born. It’s my soul!!!
I believe you have to be true to you, love yourself and be your biggest supporter. You know you better then anyone and if you don’t believe in yourself how can anyone else. It’s OK to be different and think outside the box ????

Was there a particular model you admired more so than another? Why?

I was obsessed with the Victoria Secret Models. Love Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Lara Stone, Gemma Ward, Lindsey Wixson and so much more. Love the super models and Italian Vogue is my absolute fave. Love the night fashion couture stuff, edgy, creative takes ya out of your everyday life into a story. Miu Miu, Valentino, Dior, Gucci some of my fave high fashion brands.

How important is self-promotion in your profession?

Self promotion is everything these days. Like I said earlier, you have to be your own best cheerleader. Believe in yourself and make your dreams come true. Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. You need to put yourself out there with full confidence. With social media it’s such a huge tool for a models. We can contact brands, Photog’s, mags, peeps we want to work without the agency. If your not promoting yourself your waiting for fate to manifest your dreams. It’s a job and you gotta work for it, take pics, work with good brands, contact people you are interested in working with. Then post all the time on your feed, IG, YouTube, Twitter or whatever is your choice of social media.

 Megan Felix for Dressy photo
Megan Felix for Dressy photo

Would you like to see more women working behind-the-scenes in the modeling industry?

We need to see more women working behind the scenes. Strong, smart, intelligent, kind, creative women. I’ve worked with some all girl teams that is just magic, they bring something different on set. Nobody knows a women like a women and it makes an amazing vibe. Love having a model there that knows what it’s like to shoot, angles, outfits and has been in your position. Women supporting women, being kind, helping out and putting there input in, Just fire

What was your most humorous moment during a photoshoot?

I’ve had many humorous shoots so hard to pick just one. One time I was shooting an editorial in the woods with a horse. I was standing next to the horse and it got spooked. Flung its head very fast, threw me like 10ft in the air. I landed in a couture gown in a huge mud puddle. Wasn’t hurt but just hilarious and random. Everyone was laughing except maybe the designer

With magazine sales falling, magazines can’t gain as much profit. This has a sort of ‘domino effect’; meaning industry professionals including models that work for magazines, will get paid very little in comparison to how it used to be.” As a journalist, I have this fear as well. Do you have any solutions to address this situation?

Well if I had the solution to the falling mag sales I would share. All I can say is that the industry is changing. It’s important to be aware and to be flexible. Think outside the box, work around your hurdles and find a solution. This is our business, people love beauty and fashion so there will always be a market. We just have to keep making money with our passion and skill. Use the social media, brands, influencers, models to promote the mags. Everyone that has a business needs to advertise. Use the creativity to market brands properly and everything will fall into place.

Do people want to be your friend because you’re a cover model and how do you feel someone is genuine with you?

You know I’m a people person, I pickup on vibes/ energy your putting out there. I can tell if your genuine or not most the time. There are a lot of fake people out there that want to take from you. With friends I believe in quality over quantity. Ya know! I don’t have time for fake friendship. I do believe what goes around comes around. If you are a new model and need advice I will give it. Try to help when I can

What are your thoughts on there being more diversity and inclusiveness in the modeling industry today?

Always a need for diversity! This world isn’t made up of one skin color, one sex or the same face. Beauty is in the differences and individuality that is within each human. If a model is the worldS beauty standard for a human, we need as much diversity as we can possibly get.

I notice you smile in many of your photos. Where does that come from?

My smile is simple, I’m a happy girl. Love life, happy with myself and need to share with others. Smile at a stranger, you can change there day!

What does your future look like?

My future is bright and exciting. Have a lot of new projects coming, goals I want to accomplish and travel plans. Stay tuned

Anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

I love modeling, because I can create a story, be creative and have a platform to reach others in a positive way. I support positive energy, good vibes, peace, love and kindness. Love yourself and one another!!! Sending big hugs and kisses to any fans or readers that need it


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Photographer: @carter.lynx