Dr. Suzanne Yu for Dressy Magazine
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Dr. Suzanne Yu for Dressy Magazine

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24, February, 2022 en Dressy

Where were you growing up?

I am an Asian American living in New York City now, I grow up in China, the city of Shenyang, came to U.S. to pursue a graduate degree, PH.D in early 90’s from China, after I completed and graduated Medical school in Chinese medical University, I graduated and honored Ph.D in UW-Madison and started my physician as an anesthesiologist career in New York City.

During your childhood through now who were your role models ( both in and out of your household ) ?

I remembered When I was a very little, my mom was an extremely beautiful and elegant woman, even at the time in China everyone must be dressed alike either in grey or blue, my mother still managed to wear a shirt with a beautiful small flower prints underneath her grey outfit . That little touch of her style showed the her forbidden desire for beauty even in the darkness of times. Growing up with my beautiful mother , her beauty and style had forever impact in my style of dressing . My desire for beauty and style even as today has never been diminishing. Dressing is no longer just simply put some clothes on and go out, dressing is the way to express my love for life and to fit my personality and style. While growing up watching Hollywood movies, I was intrigued my American actress, Inglese Berman and Audrey Harper’s style. As I came to New York , the city for Fasion , I was thrilled that there were so many fascinating designers, but among all these beautiful styles, I love the most is CoCo Chanel. I love her innovation and her simplicity yet super elegant way of dressing.

How old were you when you discovered that modeling was a possible career for you?

I was in my late 20’s, one day I was walking on the street in New York City after a overnight call in the hospital a woman walked up to me handed over a business card, told me that she was a scot for the modeling agency Wilhelmina. I was stunned but not so surprised somehow in my mind I Had always thought I would do something like modeling or acting. But I am having a career as doctor, that requires my full attention and I was completely focused as a being a great doctor. These two career was a totally opposite at the time.

Dr. Suzanne Yu for Dressy Magazine
Dr. Suzanne Yu for Dressy Magazine

What was your motivation to get into modeling dresses ?

Dressing in the beautiful dresses every day to go about has been a part of my life, even with my very busy job as an anesthesiologist, the love for healthy and beauty has never diminished throughout my life. Now I have entered the Hollywood as an executive movie producer and will act in a few movie projects this year. Becoming an internet influencer, to inspire other career women like me to live their dreams. Never too late to have a new goal and dream a new dream.

Have you had any formal training?

No. I have not. Since I started on the cover of many magazines, I have to be photographed quite often. I am very nature on the camera, but the more I have been doing it the more I have learned. I started to watch the super models photos and clips, and collaborated into my uniqueness. But I think I will have some formal training from the expert to enhance my modeling career.

What are your current projects?

My current projects are to become an internet influencer and involving in acting role in many movie projects.

What would Be your dream dress designers to model for?

On the top of my head that would be Coco Chanel and Oscar dele Renta . I love both designers their dresses have my whole heart in it .

Dr. Suzanne Yu for Dressy Magazine
Dr. Suzanne Yu for Dressy Magazine

Where do you think the future of modeling industry is heading in term s of modeling for Asian women?

“Smart” “hard working “”nice” those were among the adjectives that respondents offered up in the recent poll when asked to describe Asian Americans, Asian Americans are still perceived as the “ model minority “. Currently , more than 22 million people of Asian descent live in the U.S., making up 7% of the national population. The modeling Fasion industry has shifted to more diversified direction in recent years . With Fasion capitals like Shanghai, Seoul andTokyo gaining traction in the Luxury market, Asian has become a major force in the Fasion industry. From the runway of Victoria’s Secret to major brands like Chanel and magazine covers, certainly Asian models are making an impact in this business known for its need for greater diversity and representation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself definitely will enter into Fasion industry, not only as an Asian model but to design a Fasion line in my favorite style which is a fusion of beauty and elegance. I truly believe that you are never too late to dream a new dream and to work hard until you reach your dream.

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