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Jocelyn Binder, a sexy survivor

Por: Karen Limón

24, November, 2021 en Business Concept

It’s an incredible journey, to embark as a young busty model with mermaid locks and to land a ferocious bald warrior with inner peace. For the last amazing EIGHT years since I was diagnosed with MBC (metastatic breast cancer), I’ve fought TWO battles to the death, and spent TWO years healthy since I won! I’ve somehow stumbled through stage 4 (with a mere 22% five-year survival rate) and emerged enhanced.

Post chemotherapy and a double-mastectomy with reconstruction, I feel almost like my body could survive the apocalypse alongside the cockroach population. My mind has won over matter so many times that defeat is a distant concept. The biggest take-away for me has been how much we underestimate the mind/body connection. The power is derived from this understanding, this appreciation for all that life offers. Because nothing is permanent. It’s all fleeting, right before our eyes. And yet we don’t even truly see it. We look for a fraction of a second- a less-than momentary glimpse from our outer peripheral vision, imposed upon by the glare of our screens.

Binder a sexy survivor
Binder, a sexy survivor

I’ve always felt very lucky to be able to model… even before my diagnosis. It feels like playing dress up, much more than it does work. I consider modeling to be my THIRD toughest battle, no thanks to my height being below industry standard, my age above industry standard (since I went to college first), and the competitive and rapidly changing climate of the industry. Pair all that with having to give up my breasts and hair in the middle of my career and I’m surprised on a daily basis that I still get to be me!

October 25th will be two years of having no detectable trace of cancer in my body. We know it lurks there, amongst the shadows, out of reach of the scans and too small to detect in my blood. The same incurable cancer that went from my breasts to my lymph nodes to my bone. The cancer I beat back with an intense health regiment that combined Eastern and Western medicine, teams of the best doctors. Dr. David Hoffman of Cedars Sinai is my quarterback, assisted by Larisa Gallo (Stanford). I’m currently on endocrine therapy, which I’ll be on until the day my disease progresses. One of the drugs in my cocktail, Ibrance, is currently priced at $10,000-12,000/month. Monthly pills, injections and quarterly scans mean it costs a lot to keep me alive. So I’m high maintenance, but not in the way you’d picture.

Jocely Binder in a red outfit
Jocelyn Binder in a red outfit

My book release event in March was generously hosted by Hubble Studios in downtown Los Angeles and sponsored by The Dream Link Foundation. With a red carpet entrance, it featured an ALL breast cancer model “Survivor Sisters” fashion show in lavish pink designs by Eva Danielle. Heartfelt musical performance by Dauzat St. Marie, comprised of sexy survivor Heather and husband Mat, who’s single “In It Together” was produced by Susan G Komen. They were recently interviewed live by Tower Records.

At this point I can confidently say that my career has only gotten better after battling cancer. I honestly feel more beautiful than ever, having honed in on my advocacy and love of inspiring others. I am in fact, “Sexy After Breast Cancer” and I know it. Sold on Amazon, the book has truly given me more reward than I could have imagined when I set out to share my story. It has aided me in attracting so many incredibly strong and inspiring people into my life that the quality of my life has increased exponentially.

And now, I have the appreciation to truly see it. That daily gratitude attracts exponentially MORE beauty and positivity, which I spread with the awareness that there is no limit. No matter how much sunshine is spread, it will never run out. The more you give without expectations, the more you get.


About Jocelyn Binder:

Jocelyn Binder is a two-time breast cancer survivor, author of “Sexy After Breast Cancer”, Reiki energy worker, model, actress, social media influencer, and Keynote Speaker.