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Riah Greathouse For Business Concept

Por: Diego Cerón

3, February, 2023 en Business Concept

Riah W. Greathouse is one of the top attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia. As a businessman and family man, Riah Greathouseis the pure essence of empathy and dedication, both in work and in personal life. With countless cases under his belt over the past thirteen years, Riah Greathouse continues to fight for the innocent and the victimized as a personal injury attorney. The passion for his clients shows in his endless pursuit of legal justice for them.

Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

Son of two parents with careers in criminal justice, Riah W. Greathouse fell right into the same family career path naturally. He graduated in the top 10% of his law school, and went on to serve internships with Judge Clarence Cooper of the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia, as well as Chief Judge Myra H. Dixon of the State Court of Fulton County, Georgia. After working on thousands of criminal and civil cases, Riah opened his own practice in 2010, and built his company into one of the highest rated practices in the state to date.

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into practicing law?

Both of my parents worked in the legal field. My dad was at the District Attorney’s office, and my mother was at the Public Defender’s office as an investigator. It just seemed like that would be the natural flow. I always wanted to be a prosecutor, and I thought I was going to do that forever. I found myself getting burned out from constantly dealing with crime and bad news. I wanted a way to be able to still fight for people, and Personal Injury seemed like the next best thing where I could fight for people. But instead of asking for jail time, I’m asking for money.

Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

Can you walk us through a particularly challenging case you’ve handled in your career?

Unfortunately, the majority of the cases are challenging nowadays with the insurance companies because insurance companies have really tried to make the public think that everybody’s a faker. People are just in it for money, when in actuality, we have clients who are seriously injured, and many of them don’t have insurance to pay for their medical bills. They don’t know what to do or where to go, and they turn to us to put their lives back together. We are able to get them with amazing doctors, to help get it paid for, and to make sure that they are made whole again for any lost wages or other missed opportunities.

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest legal challenges facing businesses today?

In the context of insurance companies, it seems that they have an unlimited amount of money and resources. Most smaller businesses or individuals just don’t have the resources, or they think that they don’t have the resources to fight and as such, these big companies attempt to bully or to steamroll people with lowball offers thinking they can just pay them off with pennies to go away.

How do you stay current with changes and developments in the legal field?

It’s by continuing to learn your craft. My lawyers and I go to continuing legal education classes. We consistently talk with other lawyers. We’re fortunate to have clients who are hiring us every day, which allows us to keep our skills sharp. We engage in the practice. We’re actual trial lawyers. As such, we encounter the new tactics that these insurance companies try daily which keep us current in our field.

Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

How do you approach working with clients to understand and achieve their goals?

As we grow, one of the things that I stress with our teams is that we don’t want to get so busy to where our clients are now just numbers. We intentionally limit the amount of clients that any one case manager or attorney can handle at a given time, and that’s to make sure that we can keep that personal touch where, at any time, if the client needs to speak with someone about their case, they’re going to be able to do so. The only way to truly fight for someone is to be able to share their story. The only way to share their story is to get to know them, and to try to understand that story.

Can you share some best practices for effectively communicating with clients, opposing counsel, and the court?

The best practice is listening. I think that so often, especially when it comes to lawyers, everybody knows that we can talk, but sometimes it’s about shutting up and just listening. We have a saying, when trying to connect with a client or trying to help a client, we always say that we want to empathize, connect, and then problem solve. I think that’s the best way to go into every conversation, or every encounter with a client, with those three things in mind which can establish a healthy communication channel. Same thing with opposing counsel, I think that our style that I preach at our firm is that you can be firm, you can advocate on behalf of your client, but you don’t have to get nasty to do it. You don’t have to be the loudest, yell, or come off beating your chest. My thing is if you know your facts and you’re confident in your case, then you can stand by that respectfully and deliver your point. Same thing with judges, if you’re well prepared, you’re confident in your case, in your argument, you don’t have to yell and scream and make a scene. You simply state your case and you stand by it.

Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

What is your approach to evaluating and taking on new personal injury cases?

I want to make sure that it’s something that we can win. We are a practice where we don’t charge our clients out of pocket. We front load the costs, the financial resources, the labor, so we have to be selective about what we’re investing our time and money into. It’s very important that we get cases that we actually believe in, factual wise. It’s also important that we get a client that we know we can represent. Someone who is going to be credible, and they’re going to listen to us and let us do our jobs and fight for them.

How do you work with medical experts and other specialists in personal injury cases?

Credibility is extremely important to us. We don’t believe in sending clients to anyone who was fraudulent or inflates their bill, or is going to offer our clients anything less than we would send our own families to. It’s very important that we have a relationship with our providers so that we can have that communication. We want to know that our clients are getting the best treatment, and that their bills are going to be reasonable.

How do you help clients understand the legal process and their options for seeking compensation?

We help them to understand because we want to try to teach them. That’s the number one thing that we do every day. We like to educate, advocate, and compensate our clients. One of the things that every client will hear me say is that my job is not to make the decisions for them. It’s to get them options and to educate them on those options so that they can make an informed decision. This is how we put our clients in the best position to win.

Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
Riah Greathouse For Business Concept © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

How do you work with clients to build a strong case and present evidence in court?

That’s what our messaging presents even before people even come to us, we try to put out as much content as possible for people to help themselves immediately before they even seek a lawyer. If you see any of our content on social media, it talks about what to do if you’re involved in an accident like making sure that you’re calling the police to get a police report, making sure that you are not talking to insurance companies, and making sure that you go and get checked out immediately by a medical physician or medical expert to diagnose your injuries. We try to put out that content to educate the public so they can help themselves with the evidence to build a strong case.

Finally, if you could give one piece of business advice, what would it be?

Learn your craft. I think that so often you have business owners, and it’s not even just limited to lawyers, I say business owners in general, that are so driven by the money that they’re doing a disservice. The money will come if you know your craft, and if you’re providing outstanding service or product, then it’s going to sell itself. We do exactly what we say we’re going to do, and we mean what we say. It is something that has served us well. I think that if every business owner would invest in themselves, invest in their craft to where they are competent and confidently believe that they’re the best then that is something they can communicate to their clients.

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