Catalina Perez cover
Catalina Perez cover | Foto: Catalina Perez cover

Reinvention during the pandemic of the presenter Catalina Pérez.

Por: Karen Limón

26, November, 2021 en Business Concept

The current reality that human beings had to face in response to this imposed social distancing resulting from the 2020 pandemic obliged the population to turn in record time to the digital world, and to be more direct to video on social networks. And although the presenter and journalist Catalina Pérez had been participating in digital formats in the city of Miami for a few years, the pandemic gave a communication twist to her career, amid incertitude that required cutting-edge options from those who generate informational content related to digital options.

This is how two weeks after the quarantine began, I received an offer to be a presenter for a new digital newscast, “El Sol Latino News Media” of the publishing house Hispanic Media, which for 29 years has been a leader in Philadelphia with its newspaper “El Sol Latino Newspaper”. That is how the media begins to adapt to the changing market by giving way to its digital newscast with special information from COVID-19.

“The central axis was to inform the community of an unprecedented pandemic, of a virus we did not know and that we feared, beside the diverse sections in the news that must give way to the rest of the national events.”

Catalina Perez photoshoot
Catalina Perez photoshoot

Catalina mentions that starting as a news presenter with such a sensitive theme further aroused her sense of help by the community, “in time record the production team created a virtual set, as we could not leave home, journalists created the content from their homes, my apartment in Miami became in a recording set with green screen and the post-production was done in Philadelphia; through news/press agencies like the renowned AFP started remote covering, that made me feel calm, that we were in delivering truthful, reliable and serious information to the community.”

For the presenter, this reinvention has given a bit of maturity to her career, and continuing passion for communication of reaffirming the importance presence of the media in the world’s meeting. “The information never stopped, we were all eager to know what was going on, the media remained in place when other sectors were paralyzed, we were all nurturing by digital information.”

The newscast was broadcast by their YouTube Channel every Friday as well as informational bulletins on their Instagram social media account during the week.