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Olga Lucia Gallego and her innate talent to transform lives and companies

Por: Karen Limón

26, November, 2021 en Business Concept

Olga Lucia Gallego, Colombian Birth, Mexican Nationality, Entrepreneur, Executive and Entrepreneur by Nature. With an innate talent to transform lives and companies. A woman who inspires, who attracts her transforms.

Executive Coach, Female Mentor and creator of several innovative brands in the Latin American market. Her passion for innovation and technology leads her to create several brands that position her as one of the women pioneers in Latin America in collaborative economy.

Her conferences around the world, hired by different firms and governments, keep her scheduled most of the year, her talent for monetizing the talents of her auditoriums and clients have led her to make a great reference throughout Latin America managing to transform lives and companies.

Powerful, creative, innovative with entrepreneurial strength, a feminine reference for the world but with soft treatment and delicate when speaking. Reading her book and all her writings is finding an absolutely intelligent, funny, empowered and completely free woman.

Olga Lucia Gallego smiling for photoshoot
Olga Lucia Gallego smiling for photoshoot


What makes you prouder?

Having learned to recognize hidden talents in other women.

What do you need to do professionally?

I think my mind doesn’t stop creating and a foundation for female entrepreneurship is my next goal.

Why foundation?

Because I want to continue sharing the abundance I receive, not making donations, but teaching us to see ourselves from our talent, from the unique and differentiating place that we can turn into a company. (It’s better to teach fishing than to give away the fish).

You were the first woman in Latin America to transform SEX AND THE CITY’s dream into a company, How was your experience with my friends’ closet?

I love luxury fashion, I love the brands and stories behind creating handbags and dresses. But I always saw a lot of things underutilized and wasted in my closet and my friends’s, so seeing all this inspired me to create this idea that eventually became business. This was the first company of 5 more brands that were born through this modality of collaborative economy and technology. My children have been a fundamental part in the growth of each of my projects, despite their age they started with me learning each business part and continue to lead each from their talents each and every project.

What did you have to sacrifice for your work?

My life for the last 7 years has been from only temporary places, hotels, planes different auditoriums, But I managed to design business models that allow me to do it from anywhere in the world, focus on creating companies designed for this. I have had to sacrifice many things in my personal life but I think I have already come to a time when all that sacrifice is reflected and I can enjoy all the pleasure that I defer during my planting time.

“Today I can enjoy all the pleasure I deferred during my planting time.”

You transform lives and businesses, what about yours?

I am at the best stage of my life, I feel full healthy, in physical and mental form, spiritually on a path of growth that is constant learning, but with every desire to continue learning and internalizing.

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