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Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery, Showcasing Bay Area Artists for Three Decades

Por: Edward Rueda

7, July, 2022 en Business Concept

Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery

Showcasing Bay Area Artists for Three Decades

By Heide VanDoren Betz

For over thirty years Gallery Director, Kim Eagles-Smith, has been a recognized and respected Fine Art Dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a personal approach to the art buying experience, his understanding of fine art focuses on a distinctive connection to art selection and art placement.

Many art gallery attendees will remember the opening nights of Tuesday Art-Walks on Geary Street, San Francisco, where Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery was located for more than seventeen years. Kim Eagles-Smith is now located in a sleek, light filled space in downtown Mill Valley.

Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery
Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery

The gallery features changing exhibitions of contemporary painting, sculpture and works on paper by emerging as well as established artists. Kim continues to showcase the San Francisco Bay Area Figurative Movement, American Modernism, and Abstract Expressionism from across the United States. Kim Eagles-Smith draws on his knowledge of 20th century American artwork showcasing important historical movements such as The Society of Six. In addition, the gallery actively buys and sells artwork from the secondary art market, provides home and office installation services, insurance appraisals, and estate evaluations.

Kim Eagles-Smith is frequently part of various international art fairs including the San Francisco Art Market at the Fort Mason Pier and the Seattle Fine Art Fair.

In addition to representing our featured artist Gustavo Ramos Rivera, who has a Solo exhibition this summer, the Gallery has an impressive roster of established fine artists from across the country including:

Ken Bortolazzo • William Theophilus Brown • Bruce Beasley • Gail Chase Bien • Mark Eanes • David Gilhooly; John Goodman • Morris Graves • Susan Grossman
Jonathan Jacobs • Clay Johnson • Gary Komarin • Francisco Castro Lenero • Clayton Lewis • Ricardo Mazal • John McCormick • Tom Monaghan • Richard Moquin • Kenjilo Nanao • Manuel Neri • Amrit Rai • Fred Reichman
Claudia Rilling • Gustavo Ramos Rivera • Johnnie Winona Ross • James Weeks • Brett Weston • Hiro Yokose

Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery
Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery

Bruce Beasley, born in Los Angeles 1939

Bruce Beasley, ranks among the most influential modernist sculptors of the post -World War II generation of abstract sculptors. Today, Beasley is recognized as one of the most noteworthy and innovative sculptors on the American West Coast. His work can be found in the permanent collection of 40 art museums around the world, including: Museum of Modern Art in New York City; the Guggenheim Museum, New York City; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the National Art Museum of China in Beijing; the Musee National d’Art Moderne-Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris; and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington, DC.

In the sculpture on view Torqueri VI, 2018, he uses highly powerful computer CAD technology in the design of his work made of hand fabricated stainless steel. Here Beasley pushes the technology further, exploring sophisticated twisting and curvature never before achieved with such a ridged material.

Ricardo Mazal, born in Mexico City 1950

Ricardo Mazal is one of the most exciting and innovative painters to emerge from Mexico since Rufino Tamayo. Mazal derives his subjects from pilgrimages to various areas of the world which he documents photographically. He then uploads the photographic imagery into a computer and manipulates it into a series of digital studies which he then collages together to create geometric abstract paintings on canvas.

‘Kailash G2, 2019”, oil on linen, 66 x 78 inches

Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery
Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery

Gary Komarin, American born in New York City 1950.

Gary Komarin was a stand-out student of Philip Guston at Boston University when Guston was shocking the world by breaking the picture plane of his abstract paintings with drawn political cartoon over an abstract field. Komarin continued to mine this approach by staining his canvases with a mixture of watered down latex paint to create complex color fields upon which he draws iconographic imagery of cakes, French wigs and vessels. Komarin also concentrates on the icons alone with a series of gouache works on paper such as his playful series of stacked cakes painted on linked grocery bags.

In Praise of the Canadian Navy’ exterior latex paint and oil stick on cotton canvas.

Black on White Double Cake ‘ 2020, Gouache on paper. 53 x 48 inches

Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery, is a longstanding member in the San Francisco Art Dealers Association as well as a founding member of the Mill Valley Art Dealers Association.