Discovering the Perfect Recipe for Joy with Culinary Guru Carole Mac

Por: Edward Rueda

16, May, 2022 en Business Concept

Discovering the Perfect Recipe for Joy with Culinary Guru Carole Mac

A good recipe is as timeless as a perfectly aged wine. A dish and a glass presented at a table brings forth the simplistic notion that life can be beautiful.

It is no mystery that a meal can create joy. The term comfort food holds a definitive meaning even for the hardest people we know. Empires have been built around hearty kitchens, and legends will live on in eternity for becoming the gods of the food world. We love chefs and master sommeliers for their delicious selections as much as we do for their magical way of blending ideas that create sentimental nostalgia.

Just like the famed Julia Child of yesteryear, there is one modern woman who is today turning the culinary world upside down with a new approach to food.


Carole Mac is not just another foodie with a television show and an engaging social media following. In fact, her sheer existence makes her more of what can be described as a culinary guru. Her passion for food and wine is extraordinary. When you meet her, you are immediately elevated with a sense of euphoria as she discusses her pure love for a meal.

Yet, what strikes you the most is when you get to know more about the story that created her successful career in the industry. Her admirable advice on what to eat and what to drink doesn’t come from years of schooling or even from working in a world-famous restaurant. It comes from a more fruitful place, that like her predecessor Julia, was rooted in a personal hardship that had her yearning for more.

It was not too long ago that Carole’s life was much different. She was living in Ohio and working in real estate when her young son, TJ, was diagnosed with a progressive mitochondrial disease. Her world was shattered in an instant as expected, but the turn of events did not stop her purposeful existence.

Even while carrying her precious child in her womb, she sensed he was destined to have more influence on mankind. She would in fact be watching cooking shows while pregnant and feel drawn to the notion that one day she would host a program herself. But it wasn’t a longing for fame she felt in those early days of her child’s development. It was a feeling that she was meant to share happiness through food with other people. When her little boy tragically died, she refused to wallow in pain. It was her devotion to him that made her keep fighting to go on.

Saying her life’s work became a mission to create joy may seem strange to some after all that heartache. But to those who are familiar with the psychological process of grief it is perfectly understandable. As she started to take hold of her new life without TJ, she quickly published a book to help other parents and children experiencing the same predicament of sickness and loss. The Gift of the Ladybug was written in her son’s honor, and to this day continues to enable fundraising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, hospitals, and children with critical illnesses.

The capacity for Carole to witness what was happening on a spiritual level allowed her to fully respond to her need to create and share a message of hope in the world through food. With all of Carole’s being she responded to the higher calling and followed her full intelligence with her heart.


“I decided I’m going to do something drastic. What would I do if I had one year left to live? If money is no option and if I felt good and not in grief – what would be the most thrilling and exciting thing that I could ever do in my life? And at the time, it was Italy,” she said in our exclusive sit-down interview. “I would eat my way through Italy.”

And she did just that. In Europe during a three-month span, she put her agony aside and put her body to work. She harvested olives, produced wine, and incredibly even found time to shoot her first food series. Her pain transformed into hard labor as her creative juices flowed out as deeply rich and bold as the wine and delicious food of the country.

From there her dream became fulfilled. She next packed up her bags and moved to New York City to help her vision become a reality. Carole is a vanguard of faith and strength who took the tragedy of a loss of a child and made it a mission to create compassion in the world as only she knew how – through food.

The power of her mindfulness never puts aside grief, but instead created a faith in her followers. From her beloved show Somm School Insider on and on ROKU globally to her social media posts, she is helping put aside worry in our everyday lives.


“This is what I have to do in the world because I needed to know that there was some way to feel good again. I’ve transcended for lots of reasons. People need to know this – you can also heal through joy,” she reflects. “And you can also heal through your passion. And you can also use what you feel to make your dreams come true. These ingredients you add to the work of therapy and crying. But it is the positive thinking that can rewire your brain and make new memories in your life. That is what allows you to want to live again.”

The media personality has a keen capability to bring forth good through what she calls Food Bliss, which luckily for fans happens to be the title of an enchanting new show she is developing with Golden Ram Imports and Wine4food.

Her illuminating approach to everyday life and her work is best described as the Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh once stated, “The real miracle is not to fly or walk on fire. The real miracle is to walk on the Earth, and you can perform that miracle at any time. Just bring your mind home to your body, become alive, and perform the miracle of walking on Earth.”

Carole as a culinary guru encourages us to slow down and really notice what the experience of food and wine grants us. Her life’s work has a myriad of benefits for fans, but even more importantly, her drive to create comfort and joy for anyone who needs it is the biggest gift of them all.

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