rachael anese cover for Alluring Mag
rachael anese cover for Alluring Mag | Foto: rachael anese cover for Alluring Mag

Rachel Anese for Alluring Magazine

Por: Susana Beltrán

28, January, 2022 en Alluring

Rachel Anese Flemming is a Multi Published Model. She have been the cover of Magazines such as Slinky, B.A.D.D,

Born and Raised in Canada, in the flattest part of the country. Her background is Italian, Scottish, Irish.

Rachel enjoys a healthy clean sober lifestyle.

Fitness is important to her as well as clean eating. She enjoys strength training, and cardio. She is a swimmer since the age of 4.

Favourite junk foods, chocolate, and pizza.

Favourite season is summer or any vacation that involves sun sand and ocean.

She is a single mom of a special needs son whom she raised on her own, and is an advocate for people with disabilities.

True Capricorn hard working, type “A” personality, can be serious, highly organized, determined.

Rachel Anese Flemming photo for Alluring Magazine
Rachel Anese Flemming photo for Alluring Magazine

She has her own brand called Bellissima BBR.

About her brand she states: “The word “Bellissima” means bella or beautiful for a woman in the Italian language, which is a small part of my heritage. My goal has always been to empower all woman of all ages and races, and to lift them up and make them feel beautiful. Each woman is unique, which I want to emphasize so they stay true to themselves. We must remember to be unique is a beautiful thing that no one can take from you, its what makes you beautiful”. ~Rachel~

Visit her webpage: https://bellissimabyrachel.com/about/?v=0b98720dcb2c


Hair & makeup by herself.