Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers
Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers | Foto: Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

Por: Diego Cerón

14, October, 2022 en Alluring

-The new Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally is designed for the most demanding travellers, who want to reach destinations further afield, even with a passenger, without stopping at nothing.

-Improved comfort for rider and passenger and greater range, thanks to a 30-litre fuel tank and the new extended deactivation strategy, for the first time on a production motorcycle, which turns off the rear cylinder bank of the V4 Granturismo even on the move.

Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers
Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

-More off-road attitude with 200 mm of suspension travel, more generous ground clearance and advanced Enduro Riding Mode with dedicated Power Mode.

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), September 29, 2022 – Ducati World 2023 Episode 3 As the first web series, the Bologna-based manufacturer presented the new Multistrada V4 Rally, Ducati is aimed at lovers of long-distance travel. an unstoppable Adventure companion that allows you to conquer unexplored places and reach them to the max Comfortable. A bike or a bike to explore the world with your passengers.

With Rally, Ducati takes the Multistrada V4’s globetrotting spirit to a higher level. By improving driver and passenger comfort, longer range and more significant Off-road adaptability. The result is a bike with as many elements on country roads as it does in the modern era Metropolis: the perfect choice for anyone who wants to reach any destination in maximum comfort Be safe without sacrificing the typical Ducati driving experience. Same as the entire Multistrada V4 family, power (170 hp), reliability and maintenance costs (interval and oil per 60,000 km per 15,000km/24 months of service) very good.


In its element on any road

The Multistrada V4 “Rally” model lives up to its name, a bike that goes one step further The ability to master all roads, especially the muddy ones. In fact, such multiple layers can be counted on semi-active Travel has increased to 200mm of suspension, which guarantees a new higher ground clearance Power mode for trail riding on wider rider pegs with a more pronounced profile and Removable rubber insert, based on Skyhook DSS EVO control strategy, more precise and Efficient. The Multistrada V4 Rally is also equipped with an auto-levelling function that ensures Continuously adjust as rider, passenger and luggage configurations change to always maintain Vehicle characteristics remain unchanged. Multistrada V4 improves off-road capability Rally benefits from lighter spoked rims and enhanced engine protection as standard. The new 30-litre aluminium fuel tank blends harmoniously with the muscular, elegant vehicle in the form of bicycles that increase the distance they can travel between Gas station and next: The new Multistrada V4 Rally is ready for the most distant challenges street.

Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers
Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

More comfort for rider and passenger

The Multistrada V4 Rally is the ideal bike for couples to travel, designed to be carried around The highest level of driver and travel companion comfort: the windshield in this sense Redesigned (40mm higher height, 20mm wider), longer stern and a receding pannier attachment to provide more room in the leg area of ​​the passenger, who can Also, use footrests with larger rubber inserts to reduce transmitted vibrations. In addition, since the driver and passenger can use different heights of the saddle and lower, the Multistrada V4 Rally can fit any rider Passenger combination.

The minimum preload feature introduced on the Multistrada V4 S in 2022 allows the driver to “Lower” the bike when parking and riding at low speeds by minimizing shock preload Absorber. The Multistrada V4 Rally takes another step forward in terms of usability Introduces the Easy Lift function, which reduces the function by opening the suspension hydraulics when the key is turned on The effort required to lift the motorcycle from the side stand thanks to the fork and shock compression. Additionally, the bike comes standard with a center stand to assist with side loading and unloading suitcase and make any maintenance work easier on long trips away from home.


Safety and technology

From a technical and safety point of view, the Ducati Multistrada range continues to be the benchmark Also with the Rally model. The Multistrada V4 is the world’s first equipped Front and rear radar systems support Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for reduced driving Fatigue and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) on the long road shows it’s there Vehicles approaching in the blind spot of the rearview mirror.

6.5-inch TFT color instrument panel provides map navigation with Ducati Connect Apps that support using your phone to answer calls or listen to music, with The helmet is equipped with a walkie-talkie.

To further enhance active safety, the Multistrada V4 Rally incorporates ABS cornering, making this possible You can also use the braking force of its system in corners, where the Ducati turns Lights to improve nighttime visibility by illuminating the inside of corners (DCL), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) and Ducati Traction Control (DTC). These systems use an inertial platform (IMU) to do this The intervention is optimized according to the pitch and roll angles of the vehicle.

Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers
Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

Enduro Riding Mode with dedicated Power Mode

To exploit the full potential of the Multistrada V4 in every situation, Ducati has developed four Riding modes for Multistrada V4 Rally (Sport, Touring, City and Enduro) Important evolution of Enduro mode. Selecting the enduro riding mode activates a dedicated mode Power mode, Dynamic Direct limits engine power to 114 hp. DSS Evolution is ready for off-road driving by using a specific icon to indicate charging mode. Representation of off-road helmets. DTC switches to lower intervention level and DWC is in Disabled. ABS on the rear wheels is also deactivated, along with cornering functions and rear lift Detection is suppressed for off-road use.


Extended deactivation

Multistrada V4 Rally also introduces a new post-expansion deactivation strategy Cylinder block, a technical solution for the first time in a series production motorcycle .The function of closing the rear cylinder when the motorcycle is idling Already present on the Multistrada V4, the V4 Granturismo now keeps the rear seats disabled Other operating conditions favorable for fuel consumption and emissions. With this new strategy, deactivation also occurs when the motorcycle is moving: as speed Increase or specific power request from the throttle handle, the rear cylinder is activated again, Guaranteed features and performance of V4 Granturismo. The system is active in all activities driving mode.

Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers
Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

Engine and chassis

1,158 cc V4 Granturismo engine at 10,750 rpm and 121 Nm (12.3 kgm) at 8,750 rpm with a particularly linear torque curve to ensure smooth and progressive operation Respond at various speeds. The power of this engine, combined with its overall weight of just 66.7kg, Let the V4 Granturismo continue to be the benchmark in the power and performance category Comfortable. These figures are combined with complex technical solutions such as reverse rotation The crankshaft is derived from Ducati Corse’s experience in MotoGP, working “against”. Gyroscopic inertia of the wheels, and torque curves associated with each individual gear ratio Combines smooth low-rpm delivery, strong mid-range torque and high-rpm power.

At the chassis level, the Multistrada V4 Rally continues its monocoque aluminum frame, lightweight and Compact, with double-sided cast aluminum swingarm. Offers Multistrada V4 Rally Exclusively featuring tubeless wire rims, they have been redesigned and reduced in weight to enhance their dynamic qualities.


The new Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally is available in three different versions: Adventure Radar, Equipped with adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection, adventure travel and radar, Added aluminum saddlebags, heated grips and saddle, and the Full Adventure does it all The latter comes with an approved Akrapovič muffler and carbon fiber front fenders.

Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers
Multistrada V4 Rally: the Ducati dedicated to great travellers

Accessories and apparel

In addition to the benchmark standard equipment in this category, the Multistrada V4 Rally There are also various accessories. In addition to different saddles for ergonomic needs The driver and passenger and the proposed components in the three configurations will be as follows Available: Different options for windshield, tubular steel engine protection, additional LED Headlights, Navigator with dedicated supports and various luggage solutions for fuel tanks and back panel – top box or soft case – for everyone who wants to further upgrade their 360° station wagon The quality of the Multistrada V4 Rally.

Also makes the Multistrada V4 Rally sportier and enhances its appearance Various parts made of carbon fiber trim, aluminum levers and pedals, made of strong, dynamic materials The LED indicators and brake and clutch reservoirs are milled from solids.

Ducati develops apparel to take full advantage of Multistrada V4’s touring capabilities Unity. For example, the Atacama C2 suit, with large ventilation area, removable Sleeves and three separate layers including thermal lining and waterproof membrane Comfortable in any weather. Or the Strada C5 suit made of comfortable stretch fabric for durability Thanks to the removable Gore-Tex inner membrane and ® The inner down jacket can also be used alone when the bike is parked.



The Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally will arrive in dealerships starting from February 2023 in two colours: Ducati Red and Brushed Aluminium & Matt Black, the latter with an exposed brushed aluminium tank, with black spoke rims for both. The Multistrada V4 Rally – like all Ducati Multistrada – is covered by “4|Ever Ducati ” warranty, valid for 4 years with unlimited mileage that relies on the service offered by the entire network of dealers**.

The presentation video of the new Multistrada V4 Rally, shot in the beautiful savannah landscapes in Kenya, can be seen on Ducati’s YouTube channel.

The press kit for the Multistrada V4 Rally with full technical information and further photographs is available on Ducati Media House.

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