Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine
Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine | Foto: Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine

Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine

Por: Diego Cerón

11, October, 2022 en Alluring

I am a full time, traveling fashion model who has been in the entertainment industry for 11 years now.
Originally started with singing, acting, and dancing, then in my early teen years took on my modeling career, and ever since, have been focusing the most on fashion modeling, including bikini, lingerie, and runway.
A little bit about myself, I grew up in the mountains in New Hampshire on the lake. Between modeling, singing, acting, and dancing, I also spent many years as a figure skater, swim racer, competitive ski racer, runner, and water skier. A couple of years ago I left NH to move onto a sailboat, and travel along the east coast, and island hop the Caribbean. It’s a very unique, and fun experience. When I am not on the sailboat, I am traveling the states for modeling gigs and events.

Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine
Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine

In my free time, I have many hobbies’ I enjoy spending time doing. Art is one of my favorites. I am a painter, dream catcher designer, Jewelry designer, and I also like to design my own clothes and make my own bikinis. One of my favorites is also set design for shoots. I am always thinking of creative backgrounds, props, lights, and colors etc. Always so much fun to work others on set, and create beautiful, unique images! Other Hobbies include, roller blading, kayaking, boating, beach days, hiking, camping, live music, yoga, and reading.

Professional Modeling Experience:



New Hampshire Bridal Magazine – September, 2017
Laconia Bike Week Magazine – June, 2019
Delicious Dolls –
New Hampshire Bridal Magazine – April, 2020
Fantasy Factory – September, 2021
MuseGlamMag – December, 2021 (Cover)
VixenZ Magazine – February, 2022
Babe Watch Magazine – September, 2022 (Cover)
Fasslyfe Magazine – September, 2022 (Cover)
FHM Magazine – October, 2022 (Cover)
B.A.A.D Magazine – October, 2022 (Cover)

Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine
Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine

Sanguine Fashions – December, 2017, Manchester Hall Charity Event. Manchester, NH
Timberland – July, 2018, Fall Line Launch. New Hampshire Headquarters
Sanguine Fashions – January, 2018, Spring launch. Manchester New Hampshire
Heaven Sent by Heather Design – June, 2019, Summer Launch. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
Bless by Bless Couture – July, 2019, Fall Launch. Boston, Massachusetts
VAVA Design – September, 2019, Boston Fashion Magazine Launch show. Boston, MA
Samual Vartan – September, 2019, Boston Fashion Magazine Launch. Boston, MA
Taylor Love Couture – December, 2019, Boston Fashion Awards. Boston, MA
VAVA Design – December, 2019, Boston Fashion Awards. Boston, MA
Cosmic Unicorns Fashion – December, 2019, Boston Fashion Awards. Boston, MA
Red Carpet Maxim Halloween Charity – October, 2021. Miami, FL


Special Skills and Talents

Modeling (catalog, swim, runway, lingerie, bikini, fashion)
Singing (jazz, opera, classic, blues)
Acting for the camera, and theater
Figure skating (freestyle level 4)
Dance (salsa, jazz, belly, tribal, freestyle)
Artist (painter, jewelry, dream catchers, fashion, set, sculpture)
Swim (competitive swim racer of 5 years, 6 trophies, 50+ ribbons)
Running (track and field, marathons, triathlons, cross country. Competing in 5 NH state meets. 1rst place 100-meter dash 9 times, 2nd place 5k ages 20-40 for state competition)
Water Ski, and Wake boarding
Yoga, and Flexibility level very high
Roller Blade (including jumps, spins, and other various tricks)
Archery (for fun)
Animal Whisperer

Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine
Model Miss Kelly Lee For Alluring Magazine
Fun Facts

-I Bring my dog just about everywhere I go
-I make a lot of my own cosmetic products like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, lotions, soaps, fragrances, bug spray, sun lotion, face masks, and more! I enjoy getting creative with organic, all natural, no chemical concoctions. I try to keep chemicals of all kinds to a minimum, to stay as healthy as I can, also its an art form to me, I use a lot of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, and all that fun stuff!
-I collect crystals, sea shells, and plants
-I am a very spiritual soul
-My daily fix that I always have to have, is a dose of information! I often don’t feel I have accomplished a successful day if I haven’t learned something new.
-I love and am fascinated by all animals, insects, plants and living beings of all kinds
-I live part time on a sailboat, and one of my favorite things is waking up in the morning, and being able to jump right into the ocean, often times a good start to any day is seeing dolphins and sea turtles right underneath you
-My favorite color is brown
-Never have had a cosmetic procedure in my life
-I drink out of a copper vessel, only distilled or RO water