Alma Delgado Colombian Model
Alma Delgado Colombian Model | Foto: Alma Delgado Colombian Model

Alma Delgado

Por: Edward Rueda

24, June, 2022 en Afro Inspired

Alma Delgado is a beautiful model, born in Cali-Colombia where she studied catwalk, glamour and etiquette at the renowned Top Class academy which she considerslife changing. Thenshe studied social communication and at the age of 20 she traveled to Bogotá to work as a model and study acting and later advance her fashion design studies and currently resides in the city of Miami, Florida.

Alma Delgado Colombian Model
Alma Delgado Colombian Model

Model, actress, TV presenter and today as an entrepreneur and entrepreneur with her clothing company called Alma Sweet boutique by Alma Delgado Intimates (for the sexy woman: lingerie and body’s) that sells her own line and other designers

Passionate about everything that has to do with fashion and this year we can always find her working on “My bloggerfashion”.

He likes to do sports and vary it, a gym day, loves jogging on the beach, skating, boxing.

I also really enjoy going to a good restaurant with good wine and good company.

– If you were your reflection in the mirror, how would you describe Alma D.?

– I would describe sweet and strong.

– What has been your greatest satisfaction in this world of catwalks and cameras?

– My greatest satisfaction is when you see customers Happy with the result. Das what they want and that with my work I travel a lot I love.

– Do you have or exercise any profession parallel to modeling?

– If I have a career I am a designer I love Fashion, my brand is called AlmaSweet where I reflect part of my personality, Lingerie design, bodys and swimsuits for the woman who wants to feel Sensual and is safe.

– How do you keep your figure and what are those beauty secrets that you would share with our readers?

– I keep my figure not eating Bread and exercising I like to vary with the gym, skating, jogging, exercising on the beach and now starting with boxing, a lot of water and my beauty secret is aloe every night before sleeping leave it for 20 minutes and in the morning ice after cleaning and most importantly to look beautiful enjoy every moment, do what makes us Happy.

Alma Delgado Colombian Model
Alma Delgado Colombian Model

– What is a day in the life of Alma D. like?

– One day in my life I like to vary do different things but I always wake up the first thing I take is the phone and I read in the Bible App the verse of the day and I continue with the rest (emails) and I prepare to work or exercise and at night share with friends or partner go to a good restaurant I love and cinema and always in contact with Mama so we are in distance, I love going shopping to beauty supply

– As a child you dreamed of being a model and how did you start modeling?

– As a child I did not dream of being a Model just let me be carried away by my destiny and now I am happy in the USA, I dreamed of being a TV presenter and I studied social communication and I started modeling from the age of 15 everything started when I was in the group of cheerleaders of my school and one of the jurors owner of the best school of Modeling and glamour (top class) of my city gave me a scholarship and my mom supported me and started the course. Course that changed my life and leaving the University I settled in Bogotá to work as a model and study and at school I was told since I was a child Naomi Campbell Colombiana that she has always been my inspiration.

Alma Delgado Colombian Model
Alma Delgado Colombian Model

– What would be that dream to fulfill?

– My dream to fulfill having two children.

– A place to know?

– A place to know Capri, Italy.

– A dish to try?

– A dish to try, I think I’ve tried them all

– What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

-The most daring thing I have done I can not say, this is read by minors lol

Alma Delgado Colombian Model
Alma Delgado Colombian Model

– What is it that makes you laugh non-stop?

– makes me laugh non-stop a very good comedy movie

– And what makes you cry?

-It makes me cry to see a child alone on the street without food and shelter.

– Who is the most important person in your life? Because?

-the most important person in my life is my mother becauseshe is always there for me, she has supported me in everything and brought me forward alone.

– What are your medium-term projects?

– mys medium term projects is to present a TV fashion program and bring out a line for sexy-sensual men (surprise) and travel a lot to I love.