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Zeyoncé, A Music Prodigy

Por: Edward Rueda

31, March, 2022 en Afro Inspired

A Music Prodigy

Geraldine Zialcita

A fervent dream yoked with a sensational talent coupled with a strong yearning to succeed developed a solid foundation for Zeyoncé who anchored her will, faith, and drive to make things happen—from vision to reality.

Twenty-year-old R&B artist and fashion model, Zeyoncé’s childhood dream was to either be a veterinarian since she loved dogs and horses or a model. The stars were aligned and demonstrated to be auspicious since a bright future awaited her—stardom. Zeyoncé currently resides in Milpitas, California, is the youngest of four siblings, and is bi-racial—African American and Filipino. She loves celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. “We always go to church and don’t sleep during Christmas Eve, because we cannot wait to open our gifts.” She smiles.

ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.
ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.


She embraces both her cultures and attributes her name to be the passport to her success. “My parents only named me after three days. When my older sisters insisted that my name should start with the letter Z, they searched for names that would suit me. During that time, Beyoncé was still a part of Destiny’s Child group, and since they loved her music, my parents decided to name me Zeyoncé. Little did I know that I too would be an R&B artist,” she shares.

As a child, Zeyoncé was a little tomboy who wasn’t fond of princess stories or playing with dolls. She preferred to get her hands dirty and often helped her dad with the plumbing, roof, and construction work at the yard. “I even had my own toolbox which was color pink.” She winks. Music has always been a huge fragment in Zeyoncé’s life who grew up listening to Doja Cat, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Kiana Lede, and Filipino artist, Sarah Geronimo who have greatly influenced her career. “I started singing at six years old. I love R&B, Pop, and Soul vibe music and listen to these artists all the time,” she informs.

Zeyoncé shared a fondness of songs by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Mowtown artists. She’s also fascinated by Filipino ballads and the Bay Area hip-hop groups. Each day, you’ll find Zeyoncé practicing a melody in her room, the kitchen, or outdoors. “Both sides of my family love music. My dad, uncles, and cousins were in a church choir and my brother Dannieboi is a commercial model, singer, songwriter, and radio DJ in the Philippines. Music is a way of expressing who I am and being able to relate to other people. I love to perform in front of people through singing, dancing, or modeling. Each time I see the audience engaged and enjoying my performance, this brings ultimate joy to me. Welcoming me with their loud applause after completing a song has proven to be a wonderful and rewarding feeling.” She glows with pride.

ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.
ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.

Aside from her distinct voice and astounding talent, Zeyoncé possesses the gift of connecting with the audience using her groove that resonates with her personality and heritage. In 2019, Zeyoncé released her Tagalog single Dapat na Ba which was composed by Vehnee Saturno and depicts a romantic attraction where the heart is questioned if it’s right to fall in love and the strong feelings involved.

Plowing on, Zeyoncé released her second single, Labo Mo, a Tagalog Pop song and upbeat dance craze was composed and written by Marcus Davis and Mikee Misalucha and recorded in the Philippines. The music video was directed by Carlo Alvarez. Labo Mo made it to the top ten charts on Manila’s WAVE 89.1 radio station. “This song depicts two people liking each other, yet there seems to be no progress. The song bears questions like “What are we waiting for? Who is gonna make the move?’ which can truly resonate with a lot of people wanting to be in a relationship with that special person. My overall experience in recording and doing the music video was awesome. We recorded it for under four hours and shooting the music video was a very memorable experience. The staff, makeup artist, cameramen, and of course the music director were very nice and accommodating—they made me feel very comfortable,” she relays.

Zeyoncé won second place for the Bay Area’s Got Talent, was the Grand Champion for Teens Crate Dream in Sacramento and signed a recording contract with Viva Recording Agency in the Philippines. “I have been invited to sing both the Filipino national anthem Lupang Hinirang and the US national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner at local communities, sporting events, college commencements, American and Filipino concerts, Filipino fiestas, and gatherings. Both my cultures have enabled me to add more flavor to my music and dance. I am not limited to one specific crowd and cater to a wider audience,” she conveys.

ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.
ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.

Zeyoncé integrated her love of music and gift to sing so she could share it with the world. Inch by inch, this dynamic lady recognized her potential, discovered her true calling, and maximized her skills so she could blaze the trail and be at the forefront of the youth who wish to fulfill their dreams. “I believe in loving what you do. Honing your craft takes practice, time, and patience to achieve your desired results. I needed to take voice, dancing, and modeling lessons and rehearsals to get to where I am now. PATIENCE . . . PATIENCE . . . PATIENCE is the key to success, and of course, you need to ask for GOD’s guidance,” she discloses.

Fulfilling her childhood dream, Zeyoncé modeled for Macy’s, has appeared in the Kiwi Crate TV commercial, was featured in Genzo Modeling Magazine and Malvie Noir France Magazine. She has also performed her opening act song for prestigious artists like Arnel Pineda, Sarah Geronimo, Lani Misalucha, Martin Nievera, Gary V, and Vice Ganda. Zeyoncé was also a modeling instructor for the youth in East Ridge Mall but she had to quit due to her busy schedule.

Aside from music and modeling, Zeyoncé has used her platform and voice to represent and promote The South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking (SBCEHT) sponsored by the San Jose Police Department—Victims of human trafficking need support, not shame. Her posters are displayed in the San Jose Airports, on billboards, and at the VTA buses. Standing up for this cause has proven to be close to Zeyoncé’s heart since she believes that her advocacy can make a difference in this world.

Although Zeyoncé is still young and growing in the music business, she acknowledges that there are no limitations to learning more in her career and personal life. The underlying message she wishes to portray to her audience is to pursue your goals and visions. “Don’t ignore your dreams, if you love what you’re doing, don’t give up. It takes time, courage, practice, and the most important is to be patient. I feel so blessed to have very supportive parents who always have my back,” she states.

ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.
ZEYONCÉ for Showbiz Mag.

Amid the pandemic, Zeyoncé has been working as an essential worker with her mom at Eugene’s Ville in Santa Clara, California. “Being an essential worker is a rewarding job because I get to help clients with disabilities and provide them with lots of TLC. Once the pandemic is over, I will go back to the Philippines to record more songs and promote my music so I can continue my singing career,” she imparts.

This charming lady may be in the early stages of her profession, but nothing will stop her from fulfilling her dreams of having a dream house or advancing her career. “It may have been difficult in the beginning, but I asked for God’s guidance and he granted me the favor. I believe that everybody has their own path matched with the perfect timing. I’m grateful for all the blessings and will continue to use my platform to give back to the community. I like to let the younger generation know whatever you set your mind to is achievable. Don’t let anybody discourage you to pursue your dreams. It takes time, it does not happen overnight. Be patient and ask for GOD’s guidance,” she advises.

As she evolves in her career, Zeyoncé feels thankful, grateful, and blessed for the opportunity to be included at Timeless Seasons Concert with Lani Misalucha, Nonoy Zuniga, Jed Madela, and Louie Reyes on April 1, 2022, at the San Mateo Performing Arts. She will be appearing in BRGY TFC ( The Filipino Channel) which will air on the TFC channel in March 2022.

From the primary instance, Zeyoncé held a strong vision that her soulful voice would serve to sing, touch people’s hearts, and make a stand for what she believes in. Zeyoncé is A Music Prodigy.

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