About Us

PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA – Publicom Latina Publishing Group s.a.s, is a luxury global diversified media company renowned for producing the highest quality content for some of the world’s leading print, digital, video and social brands for the world’s most influential audiences.

We create extraordinary consumer experiences through our multiple digital brands. PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA seeks to define the future of the industry, guided by an unwavering commitment to quality.

What We Do

We give our readers access to the finest products and experiences, while offering premium advertisers a multi-platform stage for their brands. Our colleagues and collaborators bring big ideas to life, amazing photo shootings and intelligent storytelling with a diverse point of view underscores all that we do.

Our colleagues and collaborators bring great ideas to life, through amazing photo shoots and amazing storytelling with a diverse point of view highlighting everything we do.


PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA has expanded its portfolio offering different products for all kinds of audience. Today we have an offer of contents and products that are represented in 70+ print and digital brands for 200+ countries, in 35+ markets through which we interact with our audience.

Reaching a lot of consumers across USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United Arab Emirates, we are committed to delivering beautiful, influential content and brand experiences for individuals who demand to be inspired. Our creative editorial team brings you the ultimate in luxury lifestyle content and information, while working with companies to ensure their brand marketing, visibility, and growth is at it’s best. PLPG´s luxury lifestyle brands servs as the definitive source of sophisticated living for extreme-affluent consumers.

Headquartered in Colombia and California U.S, PLPG operates in 35 markets including Us – Colombia & Latin America – Brazil – Australia – Canada – Italy – France – U.K – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland – Germany – Belgium – Netherlands – Poland – Bulgaria – Greece – South Africa – Ukraine – Philippines – India – Turkey – Japan – China – Taiwan – Hong Kong – Dubai – Russia, producing some of the world’s leading print, digital, video and social brands, reaching a lot of consumers around the globe, bringing our readers to a world of luxury life style, fashion, sensuality, excellence, creativity and passion.

Gustavo Landivar

Gustavo Landivar 1 - Quiénes somos

Gustavo Landivar is Founder and CEO of RunOnWorld.com and GentlemanUSA.com with more than 12 years of experience in sales and digital business development, he also works in Hispanic Exchange as Director of Digital Sales for the USHispanics and Latam markets representing important Editorial Groups such as Unidad Editorial and its portals Marca.com, El Mundo.es, Expansion.com among others.

Fernando Vera

Fernando Vera 1 - Quiénes somos

Fernando Vera is founder and COO of RunOnworld.com and GentlemanUSA with more than 15 years of experience in ad operations, monetization and yield management in some of the largest networks in the US Hispanic market, he also works in Hispanic Exchange as Programmatic Manager for the US Hispanic and Latam markets representing important Publishing Groups such as Unidad Editorial.