Tiffany Champagne 7 sins Magazine cover Playboy model
Tiffany Champagne 7 sins Magazine cover Playboy model | Foto: Tiffany Champagne 7 sins Magazine cover Playboy model

Tiffany Champagne for 7sins magazine

Por: Karen Limón

25, January, 2022 en 7 Sins

I am a Playboy Glamour Model and card-carrying actress.
Having been raised in New York City with conservative values, I went to a private school in Manhattan. My friends find me to be very open-minded and learning from life every day.

My dad was a structural engineer with a well-known company, and we traveled around nationally. In my teens, I signed with a modeling agency. Although my folks always felt I should follow in my dad’s logical way of thinking, I was more interested in the Arts. I find that modeling is my passion in life.

My dad’s job led him to be transferred to Los Angeles, where I became fascinated with the glamour of Hollywood. Then I started to study acting with two legendary acting coaches. Presently I am based in Beverly Hills, California, where I model and go on auditions daily. I enjoy dining out in Beverly Hills or traveling due to my many modeling assignments.

How is a typical day in TIFFANY life?
When I am not traveling for a modeling shoot, my day goes as follows:
I am up early and have breakfast then. I go to the gym. I read my mail and call my agent to follow up any auditions for the week,

Have you ever imagined the success you have had in your career?
No, I never imaged this type of success, But it’s been incredible. As soon as I started Modeling and posing for the camera, the assignments kept coming in. Yes, I am enjoying the success of being a supermodel.

How would you summarize the process for your recognition?
I had different looks through my process of modeling and finally signed with Playboy Models.
The Agency said I have to be a very glamorous type, which is my best look.
At that point, famous photographers became very interested, and the photos they took are fantastic.

Tiffany Champagne for 7 sins Magazine
Tiffany Champagne for 7 sins Magazine

What is your favorite style of dress for day to day, for an important event and for a party?
During the day I wear casual clothes jeans and T-shirts when doing errands. On days I work out I prefer stretchy athletic clothes. So I could go to the gym.
When I go out for an opening or a party, I like to wear form-fitting designer dresses that show off my body.

Do you have a famous or successful woman who inspired you?
I always really was inspired by Kate Moss; she’s such a fashion Icon, I also adore Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Pfeiffer.

What are the beauty tips that give readers for verse as spectacular as you?
Face challenges and continue to better yourself.
I believe in taking care of oneself, starting with proper nutrition and exercise. I like to update my look a little depending on the trend. Spoil oneself have your hair done or invest in some beauty such as having a facial for time to time.

What has been that dream that you have had and has not yet been realized?
I would enjoy getting deeper into my acting.

What is the most important date of your beginnings as a model?
Remember starting with a catalog for Junior Models, and we shot different looks, nervous, but the shot came out good. Another photo-shoot was with a famous photographer, and I was overwhelmed with his fame level. Then seeing he was just human it made me feel at ease.

What cannot be missing in your coffee when you are in production?
I like black coffee, but it has to have cream and sweetener. The coffee wakes me up for my assignment.

Do you have a ritual to start each day?
I get up in the morning with a positive attitude, and energy to do my best.

Tell us some of the projects, which you can talk about, that you have for this 2022
Yes, 2022 has started great, I am on the cover of 7 SINS Magazine. A few other magazine interviews and modeling assignments are coming out presently.
I am also looking forward to being featured in a new film which I can’t talk about since it’s still in preproduction,

What do you like to do most in your free time?
I have a love of travel,l enjoy seeing different destinations, within the US and abroad. Understanding how the World lives and discovering new cultures.
Also, I love shopping for clothes. And discovering new styles every season, I am into fashion.

A destination to know?
San Paulo, Brazil I lived there when I was seven years old.
It’s a beautiful city with fantastic architecture food and lifestyle.

A plate of food to try?
I love exotic dishes, and you could say I like a variety of foods. From French foods to Brazilian and Japanese.

For you, what makes a woman happy?
I think to be in beautiful surroundings with friendly people, going on a lovely vacation or to an exotic resort.

What are the tips and recommendations that a model of your level for girls who dream of becoming a cover magazine?
I think it’s practice in the craft of modeling, looking at magazines and trying different poses and then knowing the work and how to pose when it’s second nature for you when you do the assignment with the photographer.

We could not stop asking you a few cliché questions, but our readers will not forgive us if we do not.

How do you think the ideal man should be?
I think someone who cares about you a great deal and wants you to be happy. Not in a controlling way but gives you good advice also. It should be a mutual relationship of trust.

What is that, that you do not forgive a man on the first date?
I like polite guys if a man is rude or chews gum and tries to kiss you. I like nice, classy men.

What is the most favorite part of your body?
Everyone says my face is my best feature. But I like my breasts.

What projects are you looking forward to doing this year?
I am doing photo shoots for several magazines and looking forward to being cast in a new film. Can’t talk too much about the project. It’s still in pre-production.

What is the most sensitive part of your body at the time of sex?
My nipples on my breasts, they get quite hard.

And speaking of sex, what is it that makes you go crazy?
The chemistry is getting to know my date. Believe good sex starts when you create a kind of chemistry, and one is in tuned in with the person’s intelligence.

Photographer: BARRY DRUXMAN