Dahian Muñoz
Dahian Muñoz | Foto: Dahian Muñoz

Dahian Muñoz was unfiltered and exposed his “imperfections”

Por: Edward Rueda

12, May, 2022 en 7 Sins

The high-performance athlete wanted to give a lesson that, although certain parts of the body are not perfect, you have to pamper them as much or much more than others.

Dahian Muñoz
Dahian Muñoz

‘Yaya’, as Dahian Muñoz is known in Guerreros Colombia, showed how it is part of his daily routine on the face.

When the product was removed, he showed the impressive results that the mask leaves him showing off his face naturally.

The Cobras participant has a skin disease, which increases at certain times.

Dahian Muñoz
Dahian Muñoz

Dahian has long suffered from severe acne, which is not the same as that given to the vast majority of people at puberty, but is a skin condition, which he has treated for many years.

However, because of Dahian Muñoz’s work in the media, that condition has made her complex on several occasions, but she has also said, in several interviews, that there came a time when she accepted it and did not let her self-esteem sink.


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