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Asia Careola and her modeling career

Por: Karen Limón

19, January, 2022 en 7 Sins

Asia Cereola was born on the island of Davao, in the Philippines and was the youngest of six siblings. Like many Filipino families of limited means, life was a daily struggle, but they were a close-knit family who had each other and loved one another. Her early life experiences inspired her to rise above the struggles for herself and for her family.

As an adolescent, Asia developed an interest in the fashion industry. She honed her skills as a cosmetic beauty consultant and soon discovered that she could support herself while pursuing a modeling career. Her first foray in this endeavor involved joining local beauty contests to acquire a stage presence. With more confidence, stage presence combined with her sense of fashion and cosmetic skills, Asia achieved success in numerous local contests.

model Asia Cereola Slinky photos
Model Asia Cereola Slinky photos

However, Asia realized that her opportunities were limited on the island of Davao, Philippines so, at nineteen, she moved to Manila where she continued her work as a cosmetic beauty consultant, never losing sight of her goal to have a modeling career. In 2016, Asia emigrated to the United States and now lives in San Francisco, California. Upon moving to San Francisco, Asia continued her career as a cosmetic beauty consultant and now works for one of the largest cosmetic companies in the U.S. Asia’s desire to resume her modeling career has led her to work with talented and amazing photographers like Vincent Gotti, and she is grateful for the opportunities that he has given her. As Asia Cereola evolves in her career as a beauty consultant and model, she will never forget her humble beginnings and what made her the person that she is today.